Sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day: our gift ideas


As the holiday season approaches, and with them, the desire to spoil Madame, discover our selection of gifts. You have already exhausted all the gift ideas: perfumes, jewelry, bags... What if you surprised her by offering her THE lingerie set that suits her?

An ideal gift to show her that you like her shapes with a bra with a plunging neckline, or a shorty that highlights her buttocks, a waspies that erases the small curves that bother her. A very sexy set of underwear will make Madame's eyes sparkle. This gift idea is both personal and unavoidable.

Lingerie sets for her to think of you every day!

Sometimes explicit, other times suggested, women's desires are valuable help when it comes to choosing a gift for them. Pay attention to its signals!

The set of chic underwear to wear daily will be ideal when you are short of inspiration. Combining both comfort and sensuality, Madame will thank you for thinking about her well-being after a long day of work. While she will feel beautiful and confident dressed in a high-end adornment made in France. You will enjoy admiring it as a whole.

Choose the safe bet with the black color offered by the Idylle, Borsalino or Balance line. Prove your romance with ivory lace and the bold shapes of the Nougat line.

Want to surprise Madame with the perfect gift?

Immerse yourself in the heart of the delights of the night, wearing Luxxa corsets or bustiers and its irresistible invitations to caresses accompanied by sexy thongs. Or turn up the temperature with our selection of body harnesses accompanied by nipples covers. Prefer erotic ensembles and half-cup bras or topless bras from our sexy range. Sublimate the most beautiful assets of Madame with the tangas more sulphurous than the others as well as the garter belts, real adornments of seduction. Complete the lingerie set with its essential accessories. Opt for the bold desire of the Képi line and its irresistible intense red color. True proof of your love, this collection is an ode to sensuality.

Do you want to stir up seduction by offering a sophisticated gift with an original design? Choose the ranges that will meet your expectations: the Sahba line, the Cachou à plumes line, or the Jeux Interdits line.

If you are still hesitating between our many models and collections, choose the comfort of a gift card. Presented in its delicate satin case, the Luxxa gift card will be a first step towards our world of chic and sexy underwear. You are free to charge it with the amount of your choice to leave Madame the ultimate pleasure of offering our corset-making know-how Made in France. Have you let yourself be overwhelmed by time? Choose the digital gift card, received instantly, it will ensure you a delicate gift.

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