Fresh and floral lingerie perfume by Luxxa Lingerie

Lingerie perfume by LUXXA

Fragrances of Grasse

Luxxa is a corsetry craftsman that has been manufacturing high quality lingerie inspired by women and their curves and always at the service of women.

The range of additional accessories offered by Luxxa makes it possible to complete your seduction outfits.

Luxxa's lingerie fragrance is the perfect complement to your most beautiful pieces, their secret drawers and their softness.

Created and packaged in France, this boudoir fragrance displays a fresh and flowery scent in a bag spray format.


Fresh lingerie fragrance

An invitation to sensual pleasure, the lingerie perfume by Luxxa is for all lovers of beautiful high-end lingerie, which they wear like skin jewels. This fragrance brings an extra touch of luxury to your lingerie sets but also to their intimate wardrobe or drawer.

In keeping with Luxxa's values, this perfume is made and packaged in France in the traditional way of Fragrances de Grasse. Offered in a 12ml nomadic format, this bag spray is infinitely refillable and follows your most elegant lingerie pieces wherever you go.

Sensual lingerie fragrance

Resolutely feminine, Luxxa's lingerie scent is fresh with its top note of lemon essential oil. Acidulous and invigorating, it awakens the senses. Then, the heart note with essential oil of geranium brings a sweet and floral touch to this fragrance with a romantic heart.

The powdery base note harmonises the whole in a sweet and elegant fragrance, because nothing beats the simplicity of a few quality ingredients to achieve a result of excellence.

You won't get tired of the delicacy of Luxxa's lingerie fragrance thanks to its timeless formula, which will quickly become your signature of seduction.

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