BORSALINO split panties

    Handmade sexy lingerie

    The hat is a timeless accessory that transcends the decades, changing its shape and offering countless possibilities.

    Luxxa recommends the Chapeau Mesdames Collection, a collection inspired by the most beautiful headwears.

    The Borsalino line, a result of this sexy collection, is inspired by the emblematic hat of the 1930s, to deliver some of the boldest items of lingerie.


    Borsalino split lace panties

    The Borsalino split lace panties revisit a classic item of women’s lingerie in a highly erotic version.

    The private parts are partially hidden under two crossed pieces of tulle. At the height of excitement, it will be enough to push aside these two pieces of fabric, to discover the naked private parts and let the enjoy to all your caresses.

    The upper part of the pubis is embellished with floral trimmings studded with real crystals with a sumptuous shine.

    The straps along the hips are adjustable, to allow their resting on the skin without leaving marks on it.

    The roundness of the buttocks is enhanced by the Borsalino split lace panties under a pleated veil bordered by wide lace, for perfect beauty.

    Luxury accessory

    Luxxa is a French brand of sexy lingerie, offering items designed and made in France by workshops enthusiastic about the beauty of the female body.

    The brand designer chooses the most beautiful materials to dress the female curves, in order to reveal their most stunning aspects.

    Let yourself be tempted by some of the most luxurious lingerie items from Luxxa.

    Data sheet

    80% Polyamide-20% Elastane
    Hand wash at 30 ° 0% shrinkage
    Materials & Provenances
    Assembly supplies (France)
    Foam thread (Romania)
    Lace (France)
    Made in France in the Gard (30) Model filed before a bailiff.
    Rhinestone Crystals (Europe)
    Tulle (Switzerland)

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