A romantic and sensual Valentine's Day with Luxxa
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A romantic and sensual Valentine's Day with Luxxa

Valentine\'s Day is the perfect occasion to treat your lady to the romantic day of her dreams. From breakfast in bed to a chic restaurant, take care of your loved one while she prepares an unforgettable end to the evening.

Luxxa offers you a tailor-made programme, where every moment of this wonderful day will be matched with her most beautiful pieces of chic and glamorous lingerie.

The beginning of a day under the sign of seduction

Let the lady wake up to the sweet scent of a cup of coffee and a warm croissant, served in bed by the gentleman. On this breakfast-in-bed tray, a red rose announces the beginning of a wonderful Valentine\'s Day. This symbolic event is a good excuse to enjoy a day just for two. But if you can\'t get away for the weekend, the man can keep the lady waiting until the evening with a new set of glamorous lingerie.

To get through the working day in comfort, without forgetting the seduction, choose a full-cup bra or a wrap-around bustier. Match these closed pieces with a discreetly cut-out tanga, a delicate thong or a transparent shorty. Luxxa\'s closed lingerie pieces are designed to be worn throughout the day. The bras provide support for the breasts thanks to their enveloping shapes. The bottoms, made of stretchy fabrics, are often adjustable for the wearer\'s comfort.

This first gift, given in bed during a moment of relaxation, will be the harbinger of a sensual evening and will arouse her curiosity.

➔ Punctuate her day with fiery messages, to which she can respond by sending you a few glimpses of her new lingerie.

ensemble de lingerie rouge pour la saint valentin

Candlelight dinner, flowers and open lingerie

When she returns, welcome her in a subdued atmosphere, lulled by soothing music. Then guide her to the bathroom, where a bubble bath will be waiting for her, to discover rose petals scattered in the water. This delicate attention will make her melt with pleasure and allow your lady to relax after a long day of work.

➔ If you want to perfect this moment, help her leave her floral bath by wrapping her in her heated bathrobe.

Continue the seductive surprises by placing a second, more flirty gift on your bed to raise the temperature. An open lingerie set is particularly appropriate for a Valentine\'s evening in an intimate restaurant setting. Its particularity will not leave your mind: only the two of you will know that Madame is wearing luxury lingerie with bold cuts.

half-cup bra with a body of a basque, to which elegant stockings are attached. Their garter caresses Madame\'s thigh and a split thong or cut-out shorty already arouses excitement. Only the accessories remain on display, such as a Claudine collar necklace or a lace choker, matched with a bracelet.

romantic restaurant

How to choose the ideal lingerie set for Valentine\'s Day?


These modular lingerie pieces offer the possibility to compose the set of your dreams, while choosing the sizes according to your morphology.

The major advantage of Luxxa\'s modular lingerie lies in the freedom to choose a top, a bottom, a bodysuit or a bustier and accessories, which will make up the final ensemble. Each of these pieces of corsetry is sold separately, which allows you to choose your size independently of the other elements. This solution is ideal, for example, for women with a plump breasts but narrow hips, or with generous hips and a small breasts. Whatever her body type, Luxxa\'s adjustable lingerie will enhance her, for a truly tailor-made effect.

For an unforgettable Valentine\'s Day gift, opt for a complete set that can be adjusted throughout the day. By switching from closed to open sets, and then to naked models, Madame enjoys the comfort of our top-of-the-range lingerie, while feeling sexy and desirable. The quality of our materials and the attention to detail will prove your good taste: for Madame, you only want the best.

Sexy lingerie for a Valentine\'s Day party

Erotic lingerie set for a sensual night

Back from your romantic dinner, with your head full of fantasy about the rest of your evening, you can finally enjoy a moment together. It\'s time to offer the lady you love a third corsetry set, even more attractive and sexy than the previous ones.

Completely open to Madame\'s breasts and intimacy, our naked lingerie sets are designed to emphasize desirable curves and reveal your most beautiful assets. The lady will love to dress her breasts with a naked lace-up bra, subtly concealing its tip with nipple covers. A naked thong will adorn the intimacy with its romantic red colour and a tulle top will cover the shoulders with lightness. Complete this ensemble with a waist cincher to emphasize Madame\'s silhouette. You can also choose to adorn her body with a naked harness bodysuit, made up of wide lace bands, or a topless body that raises the breasts. Madame will be delighted to try out these new shapes, designed to enhance women\'s bodies.

To complete this Valentine\'s Day ensemble, the height of elegance would be to hide it under a transparent negligee or a long boudoir dress, which you will be invited to remove.

Open set for a night of seduction

How to extend a perfect Valentine\'s Day?

Why stop at just one day filled with romance and seduction? Extend the occasion into the next day with an outdoor breakfast, for which Madame can put on the first chic outfit she\'s been given. In the evening, greet her with a bouquet of roses to remind her of the relaxing bath she took the day before.

Experience each of these moments as a beautiful Valentine\'s Day, with the person you want and love to spoil with beautiful lingerie sets of the highest quality.