Valentine's Day traditions around the world
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Valentine's Day traditions around the world

Valentine\'s Day is celebrated all over the world, on 14 February or another day of the year. This date is placed under the sign of love and seduction, of great declarations but also of customs. Discover the most original Valentine\'s Day traditions in different countries.

The midnight kiss in the Philippines

Giving flowers and chocolate remains the most common tradition around the world. But it is also possible to give a gift that will please both men and women, such as a beautiful set of lingerie.

In the Philippines, men carefully choose the most beautiful gift for their sweetheart. They then enjoy a unique custom: the traditional midnight kiss, practiced by thousands of couples who gather on Manila Bay.

The legend of Chinese lovers

While the Chinese have adopted the Western Valentine\'s Day, with its gifts and sexy boudoir outfits, traditionally they celebrate love on July 7.

A legend surrounds this day, according to which two lovers, a fairy and a peasant, were separated by a wide river that prevented them from meeting again. This river is the Milky Way, which the couple can cross only once a year, on the night of July 7. On that night, single women and newlyweds hang garlands in their backyards and present an offering to the fairy and the man she loves.

How do you pledge fidelity in South Africa?

In South Africa, Valentine\'s Day is a real opportunity to celebrate with all the locals, or with your partner.

Many couples gather on the beaches to enjoy the romantic surroundings. It is also customary for women to pin the name of their beloved on their sleeve, the bottom of their dress and why not their most beautiful piece of lingerie. In this way, they promise to remain faithful to the one whose name they bear.

Overcoming challenges in Finland

Finland has a very different kind of Valentine\'s Day tradition.

Far from seduction, flowers and sensual gifts, the Finns engage in a "woman\'s carry" race. The principle is simple: cross a series of obstacles as quickly as possible while carrying your wife. Whoever wins this race is offered the weight of his woman in beer.

The meeting and the delicacy in Scotland and Italy

The Italians, who are very fond of food, take advantage of Valentine\'s Day to treat themselves to special chocolates: the "Baci" of Perugina. These chocolate "Kisses" contain little love words, comparable to the messages written in our French papillotes.

In Scotland, it is possible to spend a beautiful Valentine\'s Day or evening with a complete stranger. Indeed, an old tradition proposes to offer a gift or to invite to dinner the first person of the opposite sex that you pass in the street. It\'s a great opportunity to make someone fall in love at first sight!