Choosing the right bras for your breasts
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Choosing the right bras for your breasts

Feminine, sexy, practical, the bra is a real fashion and seduction asset. Lingerie brands now offer a wide choice of models, which differ in shape, design and support quality. So you can choose the ones that best suit your body type and cup size and meet your desires. However, it is not always easy to find the right bra shape or size for you. Luxxa Lingerie offers a simple guide to choosing the right bra for your bust.

Underwired bras for small breasts

Smaller breasts only require discreet support, which can be provided by different types of bras. Underwired bras, triangle bras, bandeau bras and brassieres are ideal for shallow breasts. In the heart of the boudoir, dare to wear a topless bra, which will rest on the bust to draw attention to your shape. This fine piece of lingerie highlights your breasts in the most intimate moments, adorning them with lace, satin or feathers. To accentuate the desirable roundness of a small bust, choose a corbeille or balconnet bra. This model lifts the bust by concentrating its fullness on the top, for an irresistible effect with a cleavage. Luxxa offers a wide range of bras in this shape, with its selection of half-cup bras. Want to show off your curves with a tight dress? With a very close-fitting garment, your underwear must be discreet and only revealed when you take off your dress, skirt or top. Choose sexy lingerie that will enhance your femininity, such as a plunging bra. This shape is designed to amplify the volume of your breasts by bringing them together, then accentuating their roundness with a comfortable support foam. This way, your neckline is sure to turn heads.

Bras for large breasts

Cupless and full cup bras

A large bust requires optimal support. This can be provided by underwires, an elasticated bustline, wrap-around cups and wide bra straps. For larger cup sizes, the most suitable model is the cupless bra. This is a foam-free bra with a rounded underwire designed to support the entire bust. In addition to this essential element, there is a fabric envelope that encloses the breasts. This bra model really does adapt to the shape of your breasts, whether they are round, sagging or asymmetrical. It has a higher and wider inseam than an ampliforme or triangle bra and therefore provides good support.

At Luxxa, we find an equivalent to the cupless bra with the full-cup models of the Balance line. With a blouse or dress with a low neckline, a thin inseam will be more glamorous and elegant. To keep the support, we advise you to opt for a full-cup bra, with a wrap-around cup that goes up to the beginning of the breast. This type of cut can be found on full-cup, plunging bras, such as those in the Kepi and Nougat line and also the Girly ephemeral line.

Focus on support

If you want to give a nice roundness to your generous breasts, try our full cup bras with interlocking effects from the Réglisse and Nougat lines. A large cup size can also enjoy the comfort of a bra without underwire. You just have to make sure that the model you choose provides a certain level of support for your breasts. Some non-wired bras have a wide elastic band under the bust, which replaces the underwire. In combination with wider shoulder straps, the underwired bras can be worn up to a D cup without exceeding 95 cm of backline. Topless bras are not recommended for large breasts, as they do not provide sufficient support. For a sexy outfit, you can nevertheless opt for a half-cup bra from the Borsalino, Nougat and Képi lines, which will support and straighten the chest. Choose a bra that fits your size, as a bra that is too small may compress your breasts, producing a cut effect. To avoid this discomfort, you can opt for an extra cup size.

Which bras for a reshaped breast ?

Whether it is a voluntary modification or the result of medical treatment, prosthesis breasts allow you to enjoy all forms of bras. Thanks to the natural support of a reshaped bust, you no longer need underwires and foam to guarantee comfort. However, you can still enjoy the beautiful designs of full-cup and cupless bras. Balconnets, such as the Capeline half-cup bra, are particularly good at emphasising the firmness and roundness of your cleavage. There is a limit, however. It concerns push-ups, which represent a potential danger to your health if you have prostheses. Indeed, the pads contained in the cups gradually push the prostheses and can end up displacing them permanently. Therefore, avoid these models, which are not offered by Luxxa and will be more useful for small breasts.

Which bra is suitable for the post-operative period, pregnancy or breastfeeding ?

The answer is: a bra without underwires, particularly comfortable. The aim is to avoid constricting a healing breast or a breast that has become sensitive due to hormones or breastfeeding. Gradually, you will be able to wear underwired, foam and cup bras again.

How to position your bra properly ?

A bra that fits your breasts should make you feel comfortable when you wear it. The shape should be perfectly adapted to your size and body type, but that\'s not all. The correct positioning of the bra plays an important role in comfort.

  • The underside of the bra, whether it\'s underwired or an elastic band, should be in line with the arms of the back.
  • The clasp is therefore positioned under the shoulder straps.
  • The straps are adjusted to the correct height, but not too high.
  • Finally, the width of the back is adjusted. Luxxa Lingerie offers you a truly tailor-made effect, thanks to the brand\'s patented clasp. Thanks to this thin and aesthetic clasp, you can wear a halter dress while keeping your bra on.

What are the different types of bras?

Each chest has its own bra. LUXXA guides you and explains the different types of bras adapted to your morphology here