New ephemeral lingerie collection GUIMAUVE
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New ephemeral lingerie collection GUIMAUVE

Discover the latest creation from Luxxa Lingerie, the delicious GUIMAUVE line. This melt-in-the-mouth delicacy is part of our Les Éphémères by Luxxa collection while stocks last and without restocking. Available in different sizes, the pieces that make up this summer line are designed in very limited quantities. Don\'t miss out on the charm of the GUIMAUVE line\'s sets and accessories.

Discover our new GUIMAUVE ephemeral lingerie collection

With the return of summer, we are in the mood for lightness, freshness and feminine lingerie that adorns the body with finesse. This summer, the GUIMAUVE line will let you enjoy the caress of the sun\'s rays and the fresh breeze, thanks to its cut-out shapes and openwork materials.

If each of our collections makes an impression with its careful details and sexy shapes, it\'s thanks to Luxxa\'s expertise in tailoring. Constantly innovating throughout the seasons, the brand imagines high-end lingerie that will sublimate every woman. With its Les Éphémères by Luxxa collection, our workshop designs unique product lines, produced exclusively in limited quantities.

The latest arrival bears the name of a sweet and mellow softness, as delicate as the ornaments that adorn its ensembles. The beautiful lingerie of the GUIMAUVE line is an ode to seductive femininity. It offers a complete range of closed day and open night lingerie, to be worn according to your desires. This chic and sexy lingerie includes two bodysuits, two bras, two thongs, as well as a garter belt, a garter, a choker and a bracelet. With this limited selection, you\'ll be able to put together the perfect ensemble for a seaside getaway or a hot holiday for two.

New ephemeral lingerie collection GUIMAUVE

What makes the GUIMAUVE line unique ?

Designed in black tulle and floral lace, this line of luxury lingerie reveals Madame\'s skin, while drawing graphic patterns on it. Easy and comfortable to wear throughout the day, these closed pieces attract attention with their straps that can be seen from a cleavage or low-cut trousers. These thin elastic bands distinguish the GUIMAUVE line as a sexy, modern and chic lingerie line, with its shiny rhinestones scattered on each model. In the evening, the nude sets, such as the topless bra and bodysuit, as well as the panties & bottoms open to the intimacy, leave the fabric behind to reveal your assets. We love matching them with the accessories of the GUIMAUVE line for a complete and original seduction set.

One of the exclusivities of this new lingerie collection is its structure without underwire. The bras, bodysuits and other corsetry pieces without rigid components are particularly pleasant to wear, especially on hot days. We appreciate the lightness of the triangle bra, the fantasy of the openwork bodysuit at the front, or the finesse of the twine thongs. Each piece is designed to enhance the feminine curves by adorning them with exceptional fine lingerie. Get a taste of our new GUIMAUVE ephemeral lingerie collection.