Luxxa helps you choose the right bra for your body type
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Luxxa helps you choose the right bra for your body type

Find out in this article which bra to choose according to your breasts and be one of the 3 out of 10 women to have chosen THE bra that highlights your breasts!


Did you know that 7 out of 10 women wear a bra that does not suit their body type?

Nothing worse than lingerie which tightens, which itches or which one must constantly readjust. Above all else, whatever the model or its morphology, the essential condition in choosing a bra remains comfort... 

Know your measurements

The absolute remedy for this kind of discomfort: knowing exactly what your measurements are. If you haven\'t already done so, we invite you to read our article "How to choose your underwear size?" So that your measurements are no longer a secret!


Three checkpoints during the try-on

When trying on, three checkpoints allow you to check that the bra fits your size.

Point n ° 1: The back tour

l should be neither too tight nor too loose, keeping in mind that it is the first staple that you have to trust (the most on the outside), to then gradually tighten the clip as you go as the bra relaxes with wear.

Point n ° 2: The chest 

It is also important to make sure that the chest does not protrude to the side, at the level of the armpit.

Point n ° 3: The wrap

Finally, check that the breast is well wrapped, that the bra does not cut the breast.

Small breast (AA / A / B cup)

Do you have an A cup and are wondering which bra to choose? Good news: you are one of the women with small breasts and almost anything looks good on you! However, to put your breasts the most, we recommend 3 types of bra:

  • The push-up: it will shape and lift your chest thanks to the small pads placed at the bottom of each cup. This is the shape to go for if you want to showcase your breasts for a sexy look.
  • The half cup bra: it mainly covers the lower part of the breast. This form of bra usually has foams which also ensure a nice rounded shape to your breast.
  • The triangle without underwire: it takes their name from the shape of their cup, is also perfect for small breasts. It dresses your outfits if you choose a neckline. We therefore advise you to favor lace triangle bras, without underwire and without foam for a feminine and natural look.

Medium chest (C cup)

If you have a C cup, then you need medium support for your bust. For this type of size, the model choices are made out of desire, and are not motivated by specific needs. Good support is still important. Even when you make a medium cup, you need to have support to protect your chest. The choice will be made according to the desired effect:

  • The triangle bra (with or without underwire): as for small breasts, to highlight a pretty neckline and for a second skin effect.
  • The half-cup bra: also like for small breasts and for a straight neckline.
  • Bandeau bra (with or without straps): ideal for summer outfits.

Large bust (D cup or larger)

If you have fuller breasts, then you need a bra that provides support. We advise you to choose the following forms:

  • The full cup bra: it allows a good support of the generous breasts by enveloping the breast while ensuring optimal comfort. These bras generally have underwire to provide the necessary support.
  • The balconette bra: it is a bit like the “little brother” of the full cup bra because it resembles it strongly but their shape is slightly different.
  • The underwired triangle bra: the cups are in the shape of a triangle but with underwire to enhance your cleavage.

For those who wish to reduce the bust effect

Whether you have a medium or full breast, you can always go for the minimizer bra. This support is ideal for women who have a bust that is too generous for your liking. The high cups and their enveloping shape provide an astonishing trompe-l\'oeil! The minimizer model is specifically built to distribute the volume better without overwhelming.

Whatever the model, choose the widest possible strap. You carry the weight of your chest by your bra, and thin straps can mark the skin or even hurt. Some women even have back or neck pain. Wider straps help distribute the weight better.