Luxxa helps you take care of your underwear
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Luxxa helps you take care of your underwear

LUXXA reveals all the tips to keep your underwear in perfect condition and enjoy it for a long time !


Why take care of her lingerie?

Taking good care of your lingerie guarantees it a long lifespan! Especially if you invest in beautiful pieces with lace, tulle or even embroidery.

We have selected the finest materials for the composition of your LUXXA lingerie. A delicate maintenance will prolong their bursts over time.

Even high-end women\'s underwear is not forever. Over time, the tissues break down and stretch. 

LUXXA lingerie maintenance checklist

Our advices

  • Consult your care label on your lingerie before cleaning.
  • The ideal is to wash your lingerie by hand in lukewarm water at 30 ° C, separating the different colors.
  • A liquid detergent suitable for delicate laundry allows a longer lasting color hold and preserves the shine of the color.
  • The bra should be stapled so that the hooks do not affect the lace or embroidery.
  • Washing should not last more than 10 minutes so as not to wear out the fibers, do not twist the bra so as not to deform the underwire or break the foams.
  • Washing after each use is recommended to avoid yellowing due to perspiration (for light lingerie).
  • Dry your lingerie flat, no machine drying.
  • Do not use bleach, chlorine or bleach.
  • No ironing if you do not have a steam iron with a Teflon soleplate.

For fans of the washing machine

Even though this method is not recommended

  • Observe a maximum temperature of 30 ° C
  • Place your lingerie in a washing bag or closed pillowcase, while taking the previous advice

What should never be done to your Luxxa lingerie:

1-Never dry your laundry

2-Never wash your lingerie at a temperature above 40 °

3-Never use chlorine, bleach or bleach

4-Never twist your lingerie

5-Never dry your lingerie on a radiator, in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer

You don\'t always know what the pictograms mean?

We share their secrets with you

Storage of your LUXXA lingerie

A bra is a delicate piece and your padded or padded bras are even more so, because when stored incorrectly, they can become deformed very quickly. To keep them, we advise you to fit them into each other in your drawers. Now take full advantage of your finest lingerie, for as long as possible.