Luxury garter Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie

    RÉGLISSE Garter

    Eternal seduction accessory.

    Composed of pieces of high quality seduction lingerie, the Réglisse line delights the eyes and highlights feminine assets.

    Born from Luxxa's corsetry know-how, this line takes its inspiration from a spicy delicacy and offers sensual and audacious pieces to be composed endlessly.

    A sexy-chic accessory, the Réglisse garter is made of a wide band of black lace with floral embroidery.

    Selected in a supple and elastic quality, the lace of our bandeau garter allows an easy slip on that will strongly hold on your thigh.


    Black lace garter.

    Expressing Luxxa's craftsmanship, the resolutely French garter from the Réglisse line is an iconic and timeless accessory of seduction.

    Used for any occasion, this is a sexy and popular piece of lingerie, both for those who wear it and for those who enjoy it.

    Composed of a large band of black lace, its supple and elastic quality makes it easy to put on the bandeau garter on the thigh. Its wide shape embraces the leg for a better fit of the lace garter.

    With rounded cut-outs on the edges, this sexy garter highlights Madame's curves.

    Sexy transparent garter.

    The transparency game brought by the lace embroideries allows you to admire the skin under the black garter.

    Paired with a second identical piece, our lace garter creates an optical illusion effect on false stockings and asserts the sensual curves of the thighs.

    Whether worn at a romantic dinner party under a short skirt that leaves the lace edges slightly exposed, or in the privacy of your own home, matched to a sexy open lingerie set that invites touch, the luxurious Réglisse garter will always be an accessory with timeless charm.

    Data sheet

    80% Polyamide-20% Elastane
    Hand wash at 30 ° 0% shrinkage
    Materials & Provenances
    Assembly supplies (France)
    Foam thread (Romania)
    Lace (France)

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