Transparent fingerless gloves Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie

    RÉGLISSE Fingerless gloves

    Sexy hand accessory.

    A delicious creation, the Réglisse line delights the senses of experts.

    Composed of elegant pieces of daywear, sensual sets of nightwear and delicate accessories, this collection has a complete offer that invites seduction and awakens desires.

    Pair of charming fingerless gloves from the Réglisse line, they are made of a wide band of black floral lace which goes around the wrist and all the way up to the fingers to tighten into a holding loop to be passed around a finger.

    These lace mittens will be your essential seduction accessory.


    Fingerless black lace gloves.

    Romantic and sensual, the feminine Réglisse mittens transform your hands into desirable beauty accessories.

    Respecting the guideline of the Réglisse collection, these sexy fingerless gloves combine a wide band of black lace around the wrist that runs along the top of the hands and then curls down to a buckle.

    This invisible buckle makes it possible to stretch and hang the lace mittens on a finger.

    Subtly devoured, these transparent fingerless gloves reveal your skin underneath the lace, bringing out the patterns.

    Feminine mittens.

    Cleverly designed by Luxxa's corsetry expertise, the top of the mittens is created from two pieces of lace. Assembled one to the other by a discreet stitching, they redraw a black flower on each hand, underlined by a floral embroidery outline.

    With these feminine mittens, your hands are transformed into objects of desire. Dressed in these black fingerless gloves, they offer an elegant erotic accessory.

    Compose your complete charm set by combining these transparent mittens with a set of sexy lingerie from the same range, as well as the Réglisse halter dress. Guaranteed devastating effect.

    Data sheet

    80% Polyamide-20% Elastane
    Hand wash at 30 ° 0% shrinkage
    Materials & Provenances
    Assembly supplies (France)
    Foam thread (Romania)
    Lace (France)

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