Sexy bras with a unique and high end design

Designer of high-end feminine lingerie, Luxxa puts all its artisanal know-how into the making of chic & sexy lingerie with a unique design. Our full cup, half cup and topless bras adorn women with their bold shapes and Made in France quality to enhance their sensuality.

Seductive full cup bras

Be seductive day and night with Luxxa's full-cup bras. Their low-cut design enhances the neckline while providing support for your breasts. Lace-up, rhinestone and cut-out details add a sexy touch to your fine lingerie ensemble. The quality of our full-cup bras is illustrated by these details, handmade by experienced seamstresses in our French workshop. Each bra is made in France with tulle, lace, or Lycra from Europe. Adjustable in width and height, the bras in our shop suit all body types. Elegance and seduction are the key words of our collections of bras, corsetry and panties & sexy bottoms. Black, red, cream, choose the top-of-the-range set of your dreams, by matching a full-cup bra with its matching thongs, panties and shorties.

Sexy half-cup bras

Sexy underwear by definition, the half-cup bra by Luxxa Lingerie is designed to highlight your most beautiful assets. Designed to enhance the cleavage, this sensual model surrounds the breasts with a comfortable foam half-cup. This is then covered with lace, tulle or guipure, the ends of which caress the tips of the breasts, left bare. Shoulder straps allow you to adjust the height of your bra and the brand's patented clasp adjusts the back. Many of the half-cup bras have lace bands or adjustable or removable elastic straps. These sexy details are placed on the top of the bust to accentuate its desirable roundness. Our atelier makes half-cup bras like boudoir pieces, to be worn in the privacy of your home or out and about, to heighten your desire. Combine them with our cut-out shorties or open panties and thongs to create a chic and exciting half-naked ensemble.

Sensual topless bras

Offer sensuality and eroticism with the topless bras by Luxxa Lingerie. Daring, audacious and ingenious models, these sexy undergarments are designed like jewels of the breast, intended to sublimate it. Our various collections of sexy topless bras are made up of fine or wide elastic straps, lace, floral guipure, cut-outs and even feathers. Some models are made like classic bras, with a whalebone that supports the breasts, but leaves them bare. Others have a bib-like aesthetic, with Lycra inserts or lace-ups, located at the top of the neckline and often attached to the neck. To complete an evening outfit with our sexy bras, add a nightie or a transparent negligee from our night lingerie range. Thanks to Luxxa's expertise in the field of lingerie, the designer innovates every year to offer you ever more original and sexy pieces, without sacrificing high-end quality.

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