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Luxxa has all the know-how of French corsetry to make high-end sexy glamorous basques. Fine lingerie for women who want to be attractive. French handcrafted in Luxxa workshops.

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Jewel basque body to modulate Képi Adjustable basque body in red lace Képi

KÉPI modular corset


Modular lingerie made in France Luxxa offers the Képi topless corset, which can be worn on its own, topless, or with one of the bras in the Képi line.  This item of modular...

Full cup corset KÉPI, lingerie day Luxxa lingerie Full cup corset KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Full cup corset KÉPI


Kepi Bra: Elegance and Absolute Support The full-cup bra from the Kepi line is a true jewel of sensuality. Featuring support foam for a harmonious shape, its plunging neckline,...

Harness full cup corset red and sexy KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE Harness full cup corset KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Harness full cup corset KÉPI


Kepi Bra: Jewel of Sensuality The Luxxa Full-Cup Kepi Bra is a true jewel of sensuality. Featuring support foam for a harmonious shape, its plunging neckline, bordered with...

Halfcup corset red Képi LUXXA LINGERIE Halfcup corset KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Halfcup corset KÉPI


Luxxa Half-Cup Kepi Bra: Showcasing the Bust The Luxxa Half-Cup Kepi Bra is a work of art dedicated to showcasing the bust. The breast is delicately supported by a half-cup...

Harness halfcup corset red KÉPI Luxxa Lingerie Harness halfcup corset KÉPI Luxxa Lingerie
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Harness halfcup corset KÉPI


Corset Demi-Cup Kepi by Luxxa: Showcasing the Bust The Corset Demi-Cup Kepi by Luxxa is a masterpiece dedicated to highlighting the bust. The breast is delicately supported by...

Topless corset KÉPI in red lace LUXXA LINGERIE Topless corset KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Topless corset KÉPI


Open Cup Kepi Bra by Luxxa: Elegance in Red Lace The Open Cup Kepi Bra by Luxxa is a lingerie masterpiece, a sensual harness that enhances the bust with a band of red lace....

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BORSALINO modular corset


Borsalino modular corset The Borsalino modular corset is a piece of sexy lingerie that you can wear on its own, bare breasted, or combined with one of the items in the...


CHAPKA modular corset


Chapka corset, from Luxxa France This magnificent Chapka corset is made from Lycra bands that run along the hip curves and cover your figure. This material also offers a very...

BALANCE half cup basque


Balance half-cup basque by Luxxa The laced half-cup basque is lingerie that brings together the allure of tulle, lace and lacing. Its creation, means several hours of work by...

BALANCE topless basque


Laced topless basque  The laced topless basque is a lingerie items combining the allure of tulle and lace. The basque has a thin support cup and is lined with fine lace. Its...

CAPELINE full-cup corset


Lace corset The elegant full-cup basque from the Capeline line features a balconette bra with a support foam cut out on the top and inside. Covered with floral lace, this...

CAPELINE half-cup corset


Corset with suspender belt The luxurious Capeline corset is distinguished first and foremost by its bra with half cups that straighten the breasts. Their half-moon-shaped...

Topless corset Capeline by Luxxa Lingerie Uplifting breasts corset Capeline by Luxxa Lingerie
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CAPELINE topless corset


Bare corset A charming enhancer highlighting Madame's delicious cleavage, the bare-breasted corset Capeline owes its role to a balconette bra underwire, stitched with a band of...

Sheathing corset body Nougat Modular body of a basque Nougat

NOUGAT Modular basque


Ivory lace body of a basque Imagine a sensual silhouette to be created according to your desires from the Nougat body of a basque. This exceptional piece of lingerie is made of...

Full cup corset NOUGAT : sexy lace- Luxxa Lingerie Full cup corset NOUGAT - Luxxa Lingerie
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Full cup corset NOUGAT


Full-Cup Corset Nougat: Soft, Timeless, and Adaptable The Full-Cup Corset Nougat provides a unique experience with its soft and timeless color. As an ampliform model, it...