Made in France lingerie : Luxxa know-how

As the cradle of fashion and haute couture, France and its know-how are recognised throughout the world. This is why many clothing brands claim that their products are made in France, when in fact they are not.
At Luxxa, creator of feminine chic underwear, Made in France does not stop at a label and here are the reasons why.

What is Made in France lingerie?

Sometimes misleading, Made in France lingerie is now much rarer than the brands and merchants would have you believe.
In Europe, it is not compulsory to indicate the origin of a garment, unlike food. Thus, the words "Made in France" or "Fabriqué en France" do not necessarily mean that all the stages in the manufacture of a piece of lingerie were carried out on French soil. Even more confusing for the consumer are the labels that display "Designed in France" or "Conçu en France". These mean that the research department that draws up the designs and sometimes the prototypes of the articles is based in France. Production, on the other hand, is generally exported. Less than 0.5% of sales today are made in France, in other words, less than one item in 500. The reason for this is the intense wave of relocations that has been raging for the last 30 years and which has affected the most famous lingerie designers.
Few workshops continue to rely on French craftsmanship, but Luxxa persists in producing sexy lingerie collections that are entirely Made in France, from sensual bras to glamorous negligees and panties & stockings.

How to create chic French lingerie?

When it comes to chic lingerie, French know-how is particularly prized.
The added value to the work of our corsetry experts lies in their ability to assemble the 30 to 40 pieces that make up a sexy bra. From the cutting to the assembly of the underwear, the seamstresses perform tasks with a precision comparable to goldsmithing.
The result is not only the quality of a Made in France lingerie product, but also its durability over time, unlike mass-produced underwear.
In the heart of the Luxxa workshops, your erotic and glamorous lingerie comes to life through 5 precise assembly steps. Each experienced sewer masters the production of all these steps. These seamstresses share their production and check each other's work in turn before starting on the next step of the process. In order to remain as close as possible to our customers' expectations, these feminine fairies try on and wear the seductive lingerie they have designed in order to check the comfort, the cut, the finesse and the quality of the finishing touches.
The day and night lingerie also undergoes washing tests, colourfastness tests and jewellery ageing tests throughout the assembly process.

Valuing the raw material

If Luxxa's Made in France lingerie enhances women's cleavage, buttocks and hips with its exceptional quality, it is also because it is essentially made from French raw materials.
This is an important commitment for the brand, which does not intend to follow the many other manufacturers of women's lingerie outside the country. The French textile industry has indeed undergone a large number of relocations to Asia or the Maghreb, to reduce production and labour costs. By continuing to source the raw material necessary for the production of its sexy lingerie in France, the Luxxa boutique is helping to safeguard the weaving trades and jobs in France. This material is treated with the greatest respect thanks to the craftsmanlike and almost exclusively hand-made assembly of the laces or jewels.
Also, when the lace and the assembly supplies for the chic bustiers, sexy basques or feminine waistbands are manufactured in France, it is more difficult to obtain other materials and components essential to the brand. This is why it calls on its European neighbours, while imposing strict traceability of imported raw materials on suppliers.

Knowing how to stand out from the competition

Luxxa's seductive fine lingerie has stood out from the competition since the first day of the shop's creation. Listed by the FIMIF* as one of the 60 lingerie, footwear and underwear brands that really make their products in France, the brand carries its French values high.
Spearheaded by the bodysuit, the artisanal corsetier has decided to innovate by offering unique pieces for purchase. For women who want to show off their best with Made in France lingerie or their partners who succumb to the charms of a garter belt, a topless bra or an open shorty.
Unlike some brands that share the same fabrics, those chosen by Luxxa are necessarily personalised or modified in order to stand out even more. They are divided into three categories, aimed at daytime, evening and intimate boudoir customers. This richness of offer and choice distinguishes the manufacturer from its competitors who never exploit as many possibilities. The assembly and superimposition of caracos, panties and other skirts allow creativity and unprecedented freedom in the creation of original and personal ensembles.

Made in France lingerie at the service of femininity

By seeking to clothe all women with sensuality, whatever their cup size or morphology, Luxxa offers chic and feminine Made in France lingerie.
Thanks to the adjustable models, women are free to feel both sexy and comfortable in their thongs, triangles or seductive nightgowns. With its discreet clasps, patented by the designer, the atelier imagines elegant and practical pieces that meet the needs of its buyers. Respecting the traditions of French corsetry while bringing the modern freshness of innovation, Luxxa pursues a goal of total satisfaction and loyalty of its valued customers. By providing a customer service that is available months after the purchase, the brand remains attentive to the needs and suggestions of its customers.
The making of Made in France lingerie takes on its full meaning in the Luxxa workshops, which have been taking seduction and craftsmanship to new heights ever since their creation. Entrust your French seduction to the know-how of an equally French institution.