Offer a top-of-the-range lingerie set

The lingerie set is the ideal gift for the one who wants to please his wife, his partner or his intimate friend. Luxxa provides you with its expertise as an artisan corsetier to succeed and impress her with your sexy surprise.

Offer a high-end lingerie set Luxxa

A set of lingerie for what occasion ?

Offering a set of fine lingerie is never trivial, even when you regularly give Madam this attention. A set of chic and sexy lingerie is always a sign of your desire for her and will always fan the flames. Whether it's her birthday, a special occasion, Valentine's Day or a present under the Christmas tree, every event is an occasion for a top-of-the-range set by Luxxa.

The little attention for everyday life

You don't need a special reason to please your wife. You know her tastes and sizes? It's easy to choose the glamorous underwear set that will make her feel beautiful. A full-cup bra with rhinestones, open panties, a tanga, why not a harness bodysuit or a negligee to complete her Luxxa lingerie collection. And what if you took the initiative to make her happy by offering her all this seductive finery? Giving her a magnificent gift, such as a set of sexy, top-of-the-range lingerie, without her expecting it, is the best way to show her that you are attentive to her desires. Show her that you love her shape with a bra with a plunging neckline, a thong that highlights her buttocks, a waistband that erases the little curves that bother her. The more spontaneous this erotic gift is, the more Madame will want to wear those pieces that you liked so much and in which she will be the most desirable.

Marvel at her for the festive season

For the festive season, do your best to fill her with seductive lingerie and matching accessories. Delicately wrapped at the foot of the tree or offered in the privacy of the boudoir, a set of very sexy underwear will make her eyes sparkle. This gift idea is both personal and unmissable. The chic underwear set will be ideal when you are short of inspiration or time. To welcome the New Year in the right way, Luxxa recommends a festive set with a bold shape. The Capeline line of topless basque or bodysuit to emphasise her feminine curves, semi-transparent nipple covers and a refined Claudine collar to complete her outfit. You will enjoy admiring her in her erotic corsetry set while she will feel beautiful and confident dressed in a top of the range set made in France.

Capeline bodysuit Luxxa

Sexy red Kepi top Luxxa

Stunning lingerie for Valentine's Day

What could be more obvious than a set of sexy lingerie to please your wife, and yourself, on Valentine's Day? All fantasies are allowed on this very special day, reserved just for the two of you. Offer her a set that includes a half-cup bra that she will wear only in her boudoir, accompanied by her nipple covers. A fine red lingerie set is the perfect demonstration of desire and love, and will be a sure bet for your romantic evening. Beyond a set of underwear, Valentine's Day lingerie is very sexy. This is the time to dare the split tanga, the rhinestone garter or the top with balloon sleeves that Madam will then be able to easily wear every day while thinking of you. Transparent tulle, openwork lace, crystals from a world famous brand, Luxxa's made in France quality is at the service of Madame's femininity.

An elegant outfit for her birthday...

If there's one day that should be devoted entirely to Madame's well-being and pleasure, it's her birthday. It's the perfect occasion to give her an intimate and personal gift.

Luxxa's handcrafted lingerie will be the perfect gift to reflect the special attention you give her. Choose it as a complete set to impress her with your taste and let her enjoy the pleasure of being adorned with sensuality. Take her to original but versatile shapes, like our bra with adorned straps from the Balance line, which she can wear in the boudoir as well as at work. Don't hesitate to select different panties and bottoms: an open thong reserved for your moments together, then a closed panties with cut-outs for everyday use. This concern for her comfort will be particularly appreciated. Add a nightie, an airy negligee or seductive accessories, and Madame will be all the more flattered by your erotic gift.

...or a set for your dating or wedding anniversary

Celebrate a new year by her side during a romantic getaway, treat yourself and your other half to a must-have gift idea.

This year, take the lead by organising a surprise to match your feelings for her. A glamorous and sensual wedding or dating gift, the lingerie set will spice up your evening. Carefully presented and accompanied by a bouquet of flowers, this top-of-the-range gift will rekindle the flame of the first months.

Imagine her dressed in a modular body that emphasises her figure while revealing her breasts. The latter would be highlighted by a top that embraces her arms with its transparent tulle. The tips of her breasts are subtly hidden by black lace nipple covers, while a delicate garter of guipure draws the eye to her thighs. An exceptional set for a unique occasion, the handcrafted quality of the Luxxa atelier will impress the most demanding of clients.

Choose the ideal set with the advice of an artisan corsetier

Artisan corsetier de lingerie Made in France,Luxxa is an artisanal lingerie manufacturer made in France and has been adorning women's bodies with its innovative models for over 15 years. Expert in chic and sexy lingerie, the Luxxa workshop shares its expertise and knowledge of feminine sensuality. Follow the brand's expert advice to offer her the lingerie set of her dreams.

Listen to her lingerie desires

Sometimes explicit, other times suggested, women's desires are precious tools when it comes to choosing a gift. Be attentive to her signals: an exclamation when faced with a sensual bustier or, on the contrary, embarrassment when looking at a half-cup bra. Listen to her when she tells you about her favourite pieces and those she doesn't dare to wear yet. A gift that is too daring could have the opposite effect to the one you hope to achieve.

Take a look at her wish list on her personal Luxxa space, maybe she's already spotted that harness bodysuit from the new ephemeral collection. Think about the lingerie she likes to wear before you go for the models you want.

Body Jeux Interdits Luxxa

Discreetly finding out about her sizes.

Size selection is certainly the most delicate part of choosing a set of lingerie. Most women are very picky about their clothing sizes and even more so about their underwear sizes. Complications about her measurements can turn your erotic gift into a poisoned one. To minimise this risk, take the time to discreetly look at the inside labels of her daywear and nightwear. Compare the models: does she prefer thongs or panties, bodysuits or basques, does she already own a black waistband? All this information will be invaluable for a successful sensual surprise.

Many women do not want to be bothered with labels, so please refer to our size guide or contact us for personalised help.

Offer customisable and modular lingerie that respects her morphology

Luxxa's artisanal tailoring know-how has allowed the French brand to distinguish itself by imagining unique lingerie collections. In order to adorn women's bodies with beauty and eroticism as well as comfort, our women's lingerie workshop innovates with its customizable and modular lingerie.

Multiple patented zipper systems allow Luxxa lingerie to be perfectly adjusted to Madame's measurements. The brand dresses women's cleavage from A cup to small F cup, offering you a choice of a rich collection of bras made in France from quality materials. Compose her outfit as she likes with the body panels, the collars, the epaulettes necklace, the boleros and the tops to combine endlessly.

Change your mind or choose the comfort of a gift card

You've followed all our expert advice on women's underwear and nightwear and yet you've missed a small detail. A slight problem with the size of the shorty, a bra cut that doesn't really show off your wife's cleavage, not falling in love with the colour of the outfit... These unforeseen events can happen, but they are by no means dramatic. The Luxxa boutique offers you the possibility to exchange one or all of the products if they are not suitable.

If you are still hesitating between our numerous models and collections, choose the comfort of a gift card. Presented in its delicate box with a satin bow, the Luxxa gift card will be the first step towards our world of chic and sexy lingerie. You are free to load it with the amount of your choice to give Madam the ultimate pleasure of treating herself to our Made in France corsetier know-how.