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Discover all the accessories for your sexy lingerie in the official Luxxa store.

Coordinated with the different collections, these elements complement your lingerie to allow you an additional touch of sexiness and adapted according to the occasion: a domino mask for your sexy evenings, a sexy garter for your bridal outfit or simply a bracelet or a necklace to match to your fine lingerie.


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Kepi jewelry pendant harness necklace Képi adjustable harness collar

KÉPI harness collar


Képi harness necklace from Luxxa  The Luxxa workshop suggests the wonderful Képi harness necklace as accessory to the full-cup, demi-cup bras and bustier of the line,...

KÉPI garter


Képi lace garter from Luxxa The Luxxa workshop offers a lace garter for the most detailed accessorizing of your lingerie set, in order to make a surprise to your partner. A...

KÉPI choker necklace


Lingerie accessory made in France Luxxawants to dress the body in lace and jewels down to the tiniest details, by using the accessories of the Képi line. The Képi lace collar...

KÉPI bracelet


Lace lingerie accessory made in France Luxxa offers an accessory of the Képi line, with one of the most elegant red lace bracelets. This is a nice stretch cuff, which is easy...

KÉPI nipple covers


Képi lace nipple covers from Luxxa Luxxa offers to enhance your nipples with elegant nipple covers to the glued on the skin, for a perfectly sensual erotic outfit... This...

Glue for nippies


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free skin glue An essential product that will help you perfect your day or evening outfit, Juzo skin glue offers a versatile formula that adapts to...

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BORSALINO epaulette necklace


Modular lingerie  The Borsalino collar with epaulettes is an ultra-sexy accessory to combine with your favorite lingerie.It dresses the top of the bust in opaque microfiber...

BORSALINO pendant necklace


Borsalino pendant necklace The Borsalino pendant necklace is a lingerie jewel ideal for the combination with your lingerie and evening outfits.It surrounds the neck in floral...



Borsalino pendant garter The Borsalino pendant garter is a sexy lingerie accessory to combine with your favorite outfits. It includes floral trimmings studded with luxurious...