Luxxa Workshop

notre philosophie dentelle

Our philosophie

The French brand Luxxa is a benchmark in sensual lingerie thanks to its experience and innovations.

Like a showcase, Luxxa lingerie enhances the female body with the delicacy that befits it. An acuteness that is matched only by its ethics and its promise of excellent French manufacturing.

Luxxa lingerie adorns women's bodies in all their nuances, day, evening and night.

qualité française

French quality

The Luxxa clothing workshop concentrates the eminence of corsetry know-how on creative contemplation, working in synergy.

This teamwork is carried out in perfect harmony to cultivate and perfect the quality of her singular lingerie.

Uncompromising washing, color resistance and jewelry aging tests abound at every stage of creation.

Finally, each participant in the creation chain wears the lingerie from which she originates to improve it until its completion. The guarantee of the perfection and the satisfaction of its customers.


Our expertise

Luxxa know-how is the culmination of many years of experience in the service of beauty and knowledge of women.

A mastery acquired in the creative harmony of a woman and a man who are the founding elements of the spirit of the brand, surrounded by a team specifically trained in the development of exceptional lingerie.

innovateur de style

Style innovator

Luxxa adorns women in their daytime hours with a concealed beauty that flakes when evening comes and is fiery at night.

For the three aspects of femininity, Luxxa offers day, evening and erotic lingerie, from luminous beauty to suffocating eroticism.

Luxxa combines antinomies by using delicate materials in rigorous geometric compositions.

An unlimited and endlessly renewed blend of creativity that stirs our imagination and panics our senses.