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Find all the Luxxa bustiers jewels of French know-how in fine lingerie. Authentic element of corsetry and symbol of supreme seduction refinement.

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Harness bustier KÉPI : Adjustable and red - LUXXA LINGERIE Harness bustier KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Harness bustier KÉPI


Innovation in Comfort: Adjustable Straps and Custom Closure The Kepi Bustier offers a unique wearing experience with its adjustable straps and innovative closure. The straps...

Sexy bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Red topless bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
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ÉLIXIR topless bustier


The alliance of sensuality and elegance The Élixir bustier features a plastron composed of two pieces of red lace, concealing a transparent tulle yoke at their center. This...

Red ruffled bustier and harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Sexy bustier set with transparent ruffles Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
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ÉLIXIR Topless bustier and harness


Demi-cup bra with nipple reveal The Élixir demi-cup bra is designed with a one-piece foam that provides breast support while exposing the nipples. The lace center panel, lined...

Lingerie perfume by LUXXA


Fresh lingerie fragrance An invitation to sensual pleasure, the lingerie perfume by Luxxa is for all lovers of beautiful high-end lingerie, which they wear like skin jewels....

Glue for nippies


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free skin glue An essential product that will help you perfect your day or evening outfit, Juzo skin glue offers a versatile formula that adapts to...

Sexy plunging Kepi bustier Lace bustier and Képi pendant harness

KÉPI bustier


Red bra with lace on the chest base Luxxaoffers the Képi bustier, a lingerie item you can wear every day, but also on intimate occasions.  The shape of the breasts is enhanced...