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In this section, you will discover all Luxxa nipple covers or nippies. They cover nudity very elegantly. You can use them alone or in addition to an open lingerie for a very glamorous look.

Made in Luxxa workshops.

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Luxxa Cabaret Nipple Covers - Endless Use Luxxa Cabaret Nipple Covers - Heart-shaped for a Romantic Touch
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CABARET Heart-shaped nipple covers


Reusable and Practical Thanks to their ingenious design, these original Cabaret Nipple Covers are infinitely reusable, offering an economical and eco-friendly solution to...

ÉLIXIR triangle nipple covers


Easy, comfortable application Applying Élixir breast covers is simple and practical. They can be securely attached to your breasts using the hypoallergenic glue sold...


IDYLLE Nipple covers


Openwork lace nipple covers Dare to surprise your partner by wearing new chic and sexy accessories, such as our Idylle nipple covers. The perfect piece to match with all your...

NOUGAT Nipple covers


Ivory lace nipple covers Adorn your breasts with a touch of softness by decorating them with the Nougat nipple covers. These ultra-sexy accessories are made of fine ivory lace,...

Girly lingerie sexy nippies by Luxxa Lingerie Girly round nipple covers by Luxxa Lingerie

GIRLY Nipple covers


Pink lace nipple covers Sexy accessories to take everywhere, the Girly line's nipple covers play the delicacy card. Made from soft Lycra with a lining to keep them opaque,...

JEUX INTERDITS nipple covers


Leatherette nipple covers Play the dominatrix by wearing the nipple covers of the ephemeral Jeux Interdits line. Designed in black imitation leather, these nippies cover the...

CACHOU lace nipple covers


Reusable nippies. Sexy accessories to take everywhere, the Cachou breast covers are a limited edition exclusive to be seized without hesitation. Made of a floral lace that...

CAPELINE nippies


Lace nippies Charming little accessories that are easy to hide under a bra, or skin jewellery to wear over bare breasts, the Capeline line's breast covers delight the eye and...

Nippies Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie Oval nipple covers Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie

RÉGLISSE Oval nipple covers


Feminine nipple covers. Play the mysterious courtesan with our Réglisse satin Lycra nippies, a seductive combination of a piece of silky satin with the floral guipure that...

Nippies Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie Square nipple covers Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie

RÉGLISSE Square nipple covers


Lace nipple covers. As an ultra-feminine accessory, the Réglisse nipple covers awaken the pin-up in you. With their geometric shape, you have the possibility to position the...

BALANCE nippies


Balance lace nippies These two exceptional lace items, embellished with trimmings, match perfectly the nipple, with the other designs of the Balance line.  The areola is...


CHAPKA nippies


Luxury accessories and lingerie made in France Luxxa workshops offer Chapka nipple covers, for unique beauty up to the nipples. These two lace items, decorated with guipure,...



Timeless sensual accessory  The Borsalino nipple covers are a sexy lingerie accessory recommended by the Luxxa brand for a subtle embellishment of the nipples. It has two...

Lingerie perfume by LUXXA


Fresh lingerie fragrance An invitation to sensual pleasure, the lingerie perfume by Luxxa is for all lovers of beautiful high-end lingerie, which they wear like skin jewels....

Glue for nippies


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free skin glue An essential product that will help you perfect your day or evening outfit, Juzo skin glue offers a versatile formula that adapts to...