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Among the Luxxa bra ranges, discover our half-cup models. Ideal to wear to spice up a romantic evening, or as light and undetectable daywear, these bras, the result of over twenty years of know-how, have been designed and manufactured with passion.

100% French luxury lingerie

Luxxa is an artisanal company based in the south of France and is proud of its talents: from the original idea to the final finishing touches in the manufacture of its sexy luxury lingerie, each stage takes place on French territory. We vow to remain close to this identity, to keep this unrivalled French elegance at the heart of our business to offer you a catalogue of bewitching, sexy and ravishing underwear that underline and sublimate the female body.

What is a demi bra?

Also known as a bra strap, half-cup or , a half-cup bra has a different underwire and cups than a regular bra. The cups rise lower, leaving the top of the breast free: they usually stop at or just below the nipple. They leave the areola visible for a guaranteed sexy effect.

The advantages of this form of bra are numerous. On the one hand, they allow the eye (or the fingers) to caress the breasts without being stopped by a piece of fabric, and on the other hand, they contribute to the subtle redesign of the female silhouette. They enhance natural breasts by emphasizing their curves thanks to the support of the cups on the lower part, and they enhance prosthesis breasts for a result that defies all competition.

Luxxa, the reference in half-cup bras

Our company, which specialises in luxury corsetry and sexy lingerie, works with carefully selected, high-quality materials that are suitable for wearing against the skin. Our half-cup bras are handmade and every detail is carefully designed and implemented.

Most of our half-cup bras have a detail in the crotch, a discreet yet attractive feature that invites the eye to wander: hand-stitched glass crystal, a satin bow, or a guipure flower highlight the shape of your breasts and add to the elegance of the bra.

To add to the aura of seduction that surrounds these bras, we play with the effects of material and colours : our Nougat model, for example, is made up of a taupe-coloured support foam on which lace is placed, for a delicious play of transparency. It is also embellished with two lace bands that follow the neckline to meet at the crotch and follow the natural curve of your breasts.

Each of our models is designed to highlight the charms of your figure, to adorn your feminine curves and to give you that little extra something... without compromising on comfort : foams , lycra and elastic are among our essential components to make the magic happen.

Which half-cup bra is right for my figure?

As with the so-called "classic" bra, which covers the entire breast, there are various forms of half-cup bras. At Luxxa, we offer every model in every possible cup size , so that you have a maximum choice and can put together the set you want. However, depending on your figure and the purpose you are looking for, you can choose more specific models.

Sexy lace for small breasts

Ladies with small breasts, be happy: you have a lot of choice when it comes to the shape of a demi bra. Your breasts need less support than a larger one. You can therefore choose from a wide range of styles, from fuller to more open.

Your main criterion for choosing this type of lingerie is the aesthetics you are looking for: for example, to spice up a naughty evening, if you do not want to choose a model that is too open, you can opt for our Balance model, which combines the sensuality of the half-cup with support foams that flatter and reveal your curves. You can also choose a more open model, such as the Kepi model, and combine it with our colour-coordinated breast covers, or with our balloon sleeve top to reveal your charms in a subtle way.

Our ideal bras for large breasts

Our half-bust models, thanks to their shape and the support foam used , are perfectly adapted to larger breasts. They are designed to provide discreet support for natural breasts, , giving them that irresistible rounded shape, and also to enhance prosthesis breasts, by emphasising their roundness with finely placed details (lace band at the centre of the breast, transparency, etc.).

We have chosen to equip all our bras with our double strap back closure model, which can be adjusted independently to guarantee maximum comfort.

You can also enhance your outfit for an absolute sexy effect with our lines of matching underwear, or our accessories: bustiers, suspender belts, etc.

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Sexy and Sophisticated: Halfcup Bra and Harness Cabaret by Luxxa Lingerie Preconceived Set: Halfcup Bra and Harness Cabaret by Luxxa Lingerie
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CABARET Harness Halfcup bra


Subtle Elegance and Guaranteed Seduction with the Half Cup Bra The Half Cup Bra from the Cabaret line perfectly combines seduction and comfort with subtle elegance. Crafted in...

Cabaret Halfcup Bra Bra by Luxxa - Sexy and Seductive Cabaret Halfcup Bra Bra by Luxxa - Lift-Up Effect
  • NEW

CABARET Half cup bra


Sparkling Brilliance of Crystal Details Every detail of the Demi-Cup Bra is a celebration of brilliance, with three crystal rhinestones on each of the shoulder straps. These...

Harness halfcup bra IDYLLE : Sexy set - Luxxa Lingerie Harness halfcup bra IDYLLE - Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Harness halfcup bra IDYLLE


Half-Cup Bra: Elegance and Irresistibility Elevate your allure with the Half-Cup Idylle Bra, an exceptional design crafted from a single piece of foam to perfectly follow the...

Harness halfcup bra KÉPI : Sexy lingerie Luxxa Lingerie Harness halfcup bra KÉPI Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Harness halfcup bra KÉPI


Half-Cup Kepi Bra by Luxxa: Showcasing the Bust The Half-Cup Kepi Bra by Luxxa unveils itself as a work of art dedicated to enhancing the bust. The breast is delicately...

Half-boob bra and ruffled harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Modular open bra and sexy red harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
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ÉLIXIR half-cup bra and flounced harness


Demi-cup bra with nipple reveal The Élixir demi-cup bra is designed with a one-piece foam that provides breast support while leaving the nipples exposed. The lace center panel,...

Élixir red open bra by Luxxa Lingerie Red lace open bra Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie

ÉLIXIR half-cup bra


Fully Tested Comfort The lace-lined lace crotch offers optimal all-day comfort. This combination of soft, breathable materials ensures a pleasant feel on the skin, keeping you...


IDYLLE Blue halfcup bra


Bra with low-cut neckline Enhance your most beautiful assets with the Idylle half-cup bra. Elegant and timeless, this model is made of a single piece of foam, in order to...

Half-cup balconnet bra Nougat Half-cup bra Nougat

NOUGAT Half cup bra


Open lace bra Dress your cleavage in sensuality with the Nougat half-cup bra. Its half-cup shape lifts your bust for a perfect shape. Fashioned in a taupe-coloured support...

GIRLY Pink lace half-cup bra


Bra that lifts the breasts Perfect for spicing up a wedding night or simply seducing the one you love, the Girly half-cup bra puts you in the heat of summer. Made of a foam...

CAPELINE half-cup bra


Balconette bra Feminine and delicate, the Capeline half-cup bra is a model that straightens natural breasts and sublimates prosthetic breasts. Its smooth, half-moon-shaped...

RÉGLISSE Half-cup bra


An open bra. The Réglisse half-cup bra with its plunging cleavage will leave no-one stone cold. Made up of half-cup support foam with a padded cleavage, this open bra enhances...

BALANCE half-cup bra


Lace half-cup bra from the Balance line The Balance half-cup bra is an ode to femininity, authentic erotic lingerie meant to enhance the female body.This lace half-cup bra...


BORSALINO half-cup bra


Borsalino half-cup bra  The  Borsalino half-cup bra is a bold creation of the Luxxa workshops, which enhances the chest with a touch of provocation.The nipples are left bare,...

Lingerie perfume by LUXXA


Fresh lingerie fragrance An invitation to sensual pleasure, the lingerie perfume by Luxxa is for all lovers of beautiful high-end lingerie, which they wear like skin jewels....

Glue for nippies


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free skin glue An essential product that will help you perfect your day or evening outfit, Juzo skin glue offers a versatile formula that adapts to...