Customisable and modular lingerie

lingerie made in France

Luxxa, creator of high-end lingerie manufactured in France, offers you a wide range of customisable and modular lingerie. These sexy lingerie can be combined in an infinite number of ways and can be adapted to your body shape thanks to the adjustable straps or laces.

Luxxa's know-how dedicated to all women

Luxxa has been a craftsman for over 15 years and has perfectly mastered the art of combining femininity with comfort. This talent is extremely rare and difficult to recognize among sexy underwear workshops, which often focus on the aesthetics of the underwear without caring about the well-being of the wearer. By listening to the glamorous needs and desires of our customers, Luxxa has been able to distinguish itself by creating rich collections of accessories and customisable and modular lingerie. The brand is thus positioned as the only online shop for chic Made in France lingerie that can be adapted to the morphology of our dear customers. This pioneering concept and its difference constitute the strength of Luxxa, which has sought since its creation to stand out from its competitors through impeccable product quality and innovation not found elsewhere. The handcrafted production of our women's corsetry allows us to imagine a customizable and modular lingerie with innovative shapes. Seeking to dress the neckline, buttocks and hips of every woman, the designer offers chic lingerie ranging from size 34 to 42, with the possibility of adjusting the various models to the nearest millimetre.

French lingerie for all women

Enjoy an experience tailored to your desires

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to wear that bodysuit or garter belt, where the bottom is so flattering and the top doesn't fit your cup ? Or those erotic lace panties that were too tight on your bottom? Thanks to Luxxa, you will rediscover the pleasure of lingerie shopping and the joy of feeling feminine in your stylish underwear. The customisable and modular lingerie offered by our shop allows you to compose your glamorous ensemble by selecting different sizes for each piece. You can choose a bustier to emphasize your small breasts and panties & bottoms adapted to your generous hips, or the opposite. The numerous adjustments of this Made in France lingerie ensure optimal comfort: height-adjustable straps to adjust the bust whether you are short or tall; double bra clasp patented by the brand, separately adjustable in width or fine lacing that can be tied and untied as you wish for the pleasure of the senses. Your customisable and modular lingerie set can be adapted to your size as if it had been made to measure.

Sexy customizable lingerie

Unique and innovative lingerie

The adjustable straps of Luxxa fine lingerie are always elasticated, to perfect your adjustments and follow your movements faithfully. Adorned with this chic lingerie, you feel beautiful, confident and understood by the designer who has thought of every detail dedicated to your well-being. Even the accessories such as chokers, Claudine collars or garters have hook and loop fasteners that can be adjusted in several positions, or ties that can be tightened. The soft materials of our customisable and modular lingerie do not cause any discomfort or painful rubbing against the skin. Throughout the day, the Lycra inserts caress you with their softness while the airy tulles of the camisoles and skirts sublimate your skin with their transparency. Ingenious and innovative, the sheathing materials follow the curves of the body while erasing small imperfections. Used exclusively by Luxxa, the lace and sheathing tulles of the body suits or basques firm up the belly and refine your waist. Adjusted thanks to the materials and settings of the customisable and modular lingerie made in our workshop, your figure is revealed in its most beautiful form.

Infinitely interchangeable lingerie and accessories

To accompany your femininity throughout the day, Luxxa's chic collections are divided into 3 product ranges: daytime lingerie with closed shapes, open evening lingerie with cut-outs and totally nude nightwear to be worn under a light organza negligee. These ranges of fine lingerie are designed to be stackable and adjustable to your desires. Dressed in a bustier, you can remove the removable suspender straps for the day and add a full-cup bra and a closed thong with an adjustable hip band. At night, put the straps back on and wear sexy hosiery with a half-cup bra to enhance your cleavage. Once you're in the heart of your boudoir, embellish this customisable and modular lingerie with a topless bra and open panties to sensually reveal your assets. Fully adaptable to your desires, the modular models can be personalised according to various assembly options thanks to their complementary accessories: openwork lace chokers, harness bodysuits with BDSM accents or even shoulder pads to complete your charming outfit.

Made in France high quality lingerie

A sense of personalised service with no time limit

The complete satisfaction of our customers is the main objective of Luxxa. Also, as not all our lingerie lines made in France are customizable and modular, we remain open to customization requests. Whether you need a repair on a bustier, camisole, panties & bottoms, or the customisation of a piece that is not proposed as modular, all requests receive a privileged treatment. Our workshop's wish is that your top-of-the-range lingerie should be with you for a long time, which is why white lingerie is rare at Luxxa, as it can fade or even yellow with time. Nevertheless, when a white line is offered, we select innovative materials with premium quality, such as our support foams in full and half-cup bras with anti-yellowing properties in the sun and air. Whether white, black or passion red, Luxxa's customisable and adjustable lingerie is a large part of our offer. Find the corsetry set adapted to your morphology by exploring our online shop. And let yourself be seduced by the numerous possibilities of assembly with accessories and modular pieces, designed for all women.