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The “Chapeau Mesdames” collection releases its 3rd volume, the “Chapka” line. From a commanding position, this line will showcase you to your partner, with the help of the many sexy underwear items introduced by the Luxxa workshop. It unique grey color, its floral trimming embellished with luxurious rhinestone and its brilliant pendant jewels speak for the character of this range of luxury lingerie.

French style innovator, Luxxa seeks to offer you more advanced products. 

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CHAPKA full cup plunging bra


Chapka plunging bra from Luxxa Luxxa workshops invite you to give in to a unique beauty highlight of the chest, with the help of the Chapka plunging bra. This item of lingerie,...

CHAPKA full cup balconette bra


Chapka push-up bra in the Chapeaux Mesdames collection This push-up bra is offered by Luxxa, a famous French brand of luxury lingerie. Fully embellished with delicate lace, it...

CHAPKA topless bra harness


Topless bra harness from the Chapka line The topless harness is made from elastic straps in gray guipure, embracing the chest.  Two adjustable elastic straps hang on the swell...

CHAPKA modular corset


Chapka corset, from Luxxa France This magnificent Chapka corset is made from Lycra bands that run along the hip curves and cover your figure. This material also offers a very...

CHAPKA modular bodysuit


Chapka modular bodysuit from the Luxxa brand This Chapka modular bodysuit is a unique item that will allow you to adjust it to your taste. In fact, you can combine it with:...

CHAPKA open modular bodysuit


Chapka modular open & jewel bodysuit from Luxxa The Chapka modular open & jewel bodysuit is modular erotic lingerie which you can embellish to your taste. This is a lingerie...



Chapka tanga from Luxxa FranceThe Chapka tanga is a creation of the Luxxa workshops, which you can wear on any day or on seductive occasions. It dresses the private...

CHAPKA open tanga


Chapka open & jewel tanga from Luxxa The Chapka open & jewel tanga seeks to highlight your private parts in the most beautiful way. Surrounding the hips delicately, the...



Chapka shorty from Luxxa The Chapka shorty is a Luxxa signature underwear item. It is a closed lingerie set, which will not let the private parts be in the open. At the front,...