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The “Chapeau Mesdames” collection releases its 2nd volume, the “Képi” line. This festive line is highlighted by its red color, embellished with real golden rhinestones. This line will deliver a touch of joy to your most intimate secrets!

It delivers the perfect harmony of sensuality, comfort and refinement owing to its combination of fine materials.

The central piece of this line is given by the brilliant pendant jewels embellished with rhinestones set in a support gilded with 24 carat gold, but also by all the line accessories. 

All the modular and adjustable designs will ensure innovative shapes.

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Red Képi bra with rhinestones

KÉPI full cup bra


Képi bra in the Chapeau Mesdames collectionLuxxa offers a sexy bra, from the Képi line, to emphasize the woman’s chest both every day and on the most intimate occasions.It...

Sexy Képi rhinestone bra Kepi red half-cup bra

KÉPI half-cup bra


Luxxa Képi half-cup bra Luxxa offers to highlight the chest while revealing the areola, for an outfit combining the sensuality and the eroticism. The breast is supported by a...

Sexy plunging Kepi bustier Lace bustier and Képi pendant harness

KÉPI bustier


Red bra with lace on the chest base Luxxaoffers the Képi bustier, a lingerie item you can wear every day, but also on intimate occasions.  The shape of the breasts is enhanced...

Sexy Kepi pendant bra Naked bra Képi harness

KÉPI topless bra harness


Képi topless bra in the Chapeau Mesdames collection Luxxa offers to highlight your chest with perfect sensuality with the Képi topless bra! It is a harness type bra, putting...

Jewel basque body to modulate Képi Adjustable basque body in red lace Képi

KÉPI modular corset


Modular lingerie made in France Luxxa offers the Képi topless corset, which can be worn on its own, topless, or with one of the bras in the Képi line.  This item of modular...

Sexy Kepi lace and lycra bodysuit body Kepi sexy bodysuit body

KÉPI modular bodysuit


Képi modular bodysuit from Luxxa Luxxa offers a bodysuit to be worn topless or combined with one of the bras in the Képi line. This is a bodysuit made from red transparent...

KÉPI lace waist cincher


Képi lace waspie from Luxxa The Képi lace waspie is manufactured by hand, in our workshops in France. It is made from a gentle Lycra central triangle. The sides and posterior...

KÉPI top with puffed sleeves


Képi top in red tulle and lace from Luxxa The Képi top is an accessory of the Képi line, ideal in combination with the entire line, or even with an evening outfit. This is a...

KÉPI naked harness bodysuit


Képi harness bodysuit from Luxxa Discover the Képi harness bodysuit, a unique and erotic item, manufactured completely by hand, in our workshops in France. The item of luxury...