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In order to complete your sexy underwear sets, LUXXA, creator of fine lingerie, offers you its matching corsetry pieces. Our lingerie designed in France is the work of the corset maker, a true professional skilled in the art of thinking up seductive underwear models and designing them in accordance with a demanding know-how. The creation of corsets requires impeccable technique and meticulous work. We offer a wide range of corsetry products in our fine lingerie lines. You will then be able to personalize your sets according to your desires. Whether you want to use it for daytime lingerie, to arouse your senses in evening wear or to incense desire in nightwear, each occasion will be a precious moment of sensuality.

For LUXXA, corsets are not just underwear, they are fashion accessories that bring style and refinement to the women who wear them. Wearing a bustier, a guêpière or a bodysuit is no longer a constraint. Original, comfortable, adjustable to your size and made of high quality materials, the corsetry models created by LUXXA are an integral part of the contemporary woman's wardrobe.

Bodysuits, basques and bustiers : today's corsetry to wear as much as you like

Women may choose to wear a piece of corsetry such as a bodysuit, basque or bustier for a number of reasons. One of these is the confidence-boosting effect of wearing sophisticated and refined lingerie. Composed of quality materials chosen by the corsetier, such as lycra, tulles, laces, guipures, lacings, small stitched or removable jewels, the lingerie becomes a second skin and magnifies the body. Its major asset is the result obtained on the silhouette. Most often sheathing, these pieces of lingerie sculpt advantageous and sultry curves. The bodysuit, the flagship product of the LUXXA workshops, immediately sublimates the whole body by dressing the breasts and the intimacy in a single piece. Available in our online shop in several forms, full cups, bare breasts, half breasts, bare harness or body suit, each one will be able to associate it to her convenience. Bust sublimated, roundness of the buttocks accentuated, small defects erased, open or closed, everything is possible. The guêpière, timeless in the feminine boudoir, has the same advantages. Here, the corset whalebones sheathe the waist to slim the silhouette, while the suspenders allow you to complete the ensemble with stockings. The bustier dresses the lower part of the bust with delicate lace and tulle, and shapes the bust for a dazzling, plunging neckline.

Fine lingerie accessories : garter belts and waistbands

To complete a seductive bra or bustier and panty & stocking set, LUXXA has designed lovely garter belts and waistbands. An essential accessory for chic and sexy femininity, the waistband delicately wraps the stomach and hips to adorn and sheathe them. This undergarment gives a particularly luxurious look to any lingerie ensemble for day, evening or night. The divine effect of the bustier and waistband from our premium lingerie shop is sure to be noticed. The garter belt is made of an elegant and elaborate braid that carefully surrounds the hips. The metal fasteners of the waistband and garter belt will allow you to secure the stockings, whatever your movements. For a perfect fit and support, these lingerie accessories close subtly in the back thanks to hooks or adjustable straps. Adorned with the most beautiful, delicate and transparent materials, these seductive pieces are all you need to let your imagination run wild.

Modular corsets to suit all tastes

LUXXA wants the best to enhance women's sensuality on a daily basis. This is why the brand has created entirely interchangeable lines made in France. The modular undergarments, such as the Borsalino black bodysuit and the Chapka corset, can be used as the basis for your chic and sexy outfit. Then it's up to you to imagine the high-end lingerie set of your dreams! These models, which are available without tops and/or bottoms, are complemented by the numerous bras and panties & stockings from the same collection. The advantage of modular lingerie is that you can select different sizes for each piece, for a tailor-made effect. In all cases, our lingerie is designed with fasteners that adjust to your body shape. Our patented clasps, fasteners, adjustable straps and clips ensure a perfect fit, leaving you with the freedom to move around. It's up to you to be the creator of your own fine lingerie by customising your deep black, ivory white, red or grey sets.


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Luxxa Cabaret Topless Body Set - Bare and sexy for confident sensuality Luxxa Cabaret Topless Body Set - Preconceived ensemble for instant elegance
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CABARET Topless bodysuit


Bare Bra: Elegance at the Provocative Décolletage The Cabaret Topless Bra embodies sophistication and sensuality. Adorned with embroidered floral lace and delicate underwires,...

Luxxa Cabaret Halfcup Body Set - Enhancing body for a sublime silhouette Luxxa Cabaret Halfcup Body Set - Preconceived ensemble for instant elegance
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CABARET Halfcup bodysuit


Seduction and Comfort: Half Cup Bra The Cabaret Half Cup Bra embodies the perfect blend of seduction and comfort, with subtle elegance. Crafted in embroidered tulle adorned...

Luxxa Cabaret Full Cup Body Set - Sexy and seductive for an irresistible allure Luxxa Cabaret Full Cup Body Set - Preconceived ensemble for instant elegance
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CABARET Full cup bodysuit


Merged Elegance: Full Cup Bra The Full Cup Bra combines elegance and functionality, crafted in embroidered tulle to create a seductive neckline, enhanced by delicate lacing...

Luxxa Cabaret Bodysuit - Sensuality with Style in String Body Luxxa Cabaret Bodysuit - Sexy and Irresistible
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CABARET Bodysuit


Refinement in the Details The Cabaret Body Suit is a symphony of enchanting details. Made from delicate black transparent tulle, it is enhanced by elastic edging that...

Luxxa Cabaret Waist Cincher - Removable Garter Straps for Elegant Versatility Luxxa Cabaret Waist Cincher - Sexy and Sophisticated for Irresistible Allure
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CABARET Waist Cincher


Intelligent Design and Optimal Comfort The rectangular cutout in the center of the Cabaret Waist Cincher cleverly highlights your curves, giving you a sleek and seductive...

Bodysuit and bra JEUX INTERDITS : Seduction and comfort- Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Bodysuit and bra JEUX INTERDITS


Body Harnais: A BDSM Pleasure Accessory The Jeux Interdits Harness Body is more than just clothing; it's a captivating play accessory. Composed of wide Lurex straps, this...

Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS : Sensuality lingerie - Luxxa Lingerie Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS - Luxxa Lingerie
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Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS


Tulle Body: Transparency and Timeless Elegance The Tulle Body from Jeux Interdits offers an unparalleled sensory experience. Designed with matte black bi-stretch tulle, it...

Halfcup Corset NOUGAT : sexy lingerie- Luxxa Lingerie Halfcup Corset NOUGAT - Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Halfcup Corset NOUGAT


The Half-Cup Corset This girdle corset is lined with 9 flexible whalebones, arranged to perfectly support the lingerie and shape the abdomen. The exposed chest is supported by...

Full cup corset NOUGAT : sexy lace- Luxxa Lingerie Full cup corset NOUGAT - Luxxa Lingerie
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Full cup corset NOUGAT


Full-Cup Corset Nougat: Soft, Timeless, and Adaptable The Full-Cup Corset Nougat provides a unique experience with its soft and timeless color. As an ampliform model, it...

Halfcup bodysuit NOUGAT : sensuality and elegance - Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Halfcup bodysuit NOUGAT


The Half-Cup Nougat Bra: Perfect Contour and Sensuality Dress your decollete with sensuality using the Half-Cup Nougat Bra. Its demi-balconette shape enhances your bust for a...

Full cup bodysuit NOUGAT : nude lace  - Luxxa Lingerie Full cup bodysuit NOUGAT - Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Full cup bodysuit NOUGAT


The Full Cups Nougat Bra: Soft, Timeless, and Versatile The Full Cups Nougat Bra is designed to adapt to all your desires. With its soft and timeless color, this ampliform...

Harness halfcup bodysuit KÉPI : Sexy set - Luxxa Lingerie Harness halfcup bodysuit KÉPI - Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET

Harness halfcup bodysuit KÉPI


Kepi Demi-Cup Bra: Sculptural Elegance The Luxxa Kepi Demi-Cup Bra transcends ordinary lingerie to become a work of art dedicated to enhancing the bust. With its foam half-cup...

Harness full cup bodysuit KÉPI in red transparent lace - Luxxa Lingerie
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Harness full cup bodysuit KÉPI


The Full-Cup Kepi Bra: Elegance and the Art of Enhancing the Bust The Full-Cup Kepi Bra by Luxxa transcends ordinary lingerie to become a work of art dedicated to sensuality...

Halfcup bodysuit KÉPI : Luxury and sensuality LUXXA LINGERIE Halfcup bodysuit KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
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Halfcup bodysuit KÉPI


The Kepi Demi-Cup Bra: A Tribute to Refined Femininity The Luxxa Kepi Demi-Cup Bra presents itself as a work of art dedicated to delicately enhancing the feminine bust. With a...

Full cup bodysuit KÉPI : Made in France LUXXA LINGERIE Full cup bodysuit KÉPI LUXXA LINGERIE
  • SET

Full cup bodysuit KÉPI


Full Cups Bra Kepi: The Art of Enhancing the Female Bust The Full Cups Bra Kepi by Luxxa is more than just lingerie; it embodies the quintessence of sensuality and elegance....