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LUXXA, creator of top-of-the-range lingerie, imagines the most beautiful feminine lingerie adapted to every moment and every desire. Browse our seductive and daring collections to create your own personalised lingerie sets that can be adjusted to your size. Combine a bra or a luxury corsetry model with panties, thongs or shorties as you wish. Made entirely in France, this feminine lingerie is provocative, comfortable and of exceptional quality. The brand has surrounded itself with partners of choice in order to work with the most beautiful materials to make its unique models. Also, our panties and sexy stockings are elaborated from tulle of an incomparable fineness, laces of great quality and absolutely magnificent guipures. Dare to vary the combinations! Play with romantic and glamorous sets that you can wear under your clothes or in the evening!

Are you planning a long night ? Discover our lingerie for a soft and sensual night. Adorn your buttocks with lace panties or a split thong, an elegant string thong or an open shorty that invites you to let go. Whatever your choice, the brand has designed its pieces with the aim of sublimating women's curves to offer them sensuality and absolute confidence. And to go further, LUXXA varies the colours of the pieces offered. Do you like black for a chic and refined effect? Do you prefer ultra sexy red or white? Then you'll find what you're looking for in our LUXXA shop.

Lace panties

Underwear worn by women on a daily basis, panties can be both comfortable and sexy. At LUXXA, we make a point of designing pieces that are sensual, delicate and pleasant. Our panties are made of high quality fabrics that contribute fully to the comfort of our models. Cut out of a silky transparent tulle, black, white or red according to the collections, they will become unique thanks to the meticulous finishing. Trimmed with lace, floral guipure, floral braids or stitched with real glass crystals, our panties are not only pretty. They are sumptuous. Delicately enveloping the buttocks and intimacy with a transparent veil, they invite glances. For more possibilities, we offer four cuts. The closed panty, sexy and comfortable for daily movements, is the essential piece of lingerie for all women. Slit, it invites discovery in all subtlety. With a bare back, the panties are cut out at the back, around the buttocks, which they shape. And for a provocation full of charm, the open shape leaves the view of the woman's intimacy completely open for the pleasure of her partner. Combined with a short or long negligee, our panties will make a beautiful effect by adorning your silhouette with sensuality.

Sexy thongs

Delicately placed on the hips thanks to a meticulously worked lace band, the tanga is a sexy and very feminine piece of lingerie. The back of this underwear covers the top of the buttocks with elegance. Indeed, our tangas are designed to dress women with chic and sensuality. Made of high quality materials, the models proposed by the brand play on transparency thanks to the smooth and soft tulle. Embellished with lace, floral guipure or floral braids, LUXXA has also worked on the back of the piece to bring an extra touch of voluptuousness. Depending on the cut, you will be able to find in our lines the tangas that best correspond to your desires. Designed in the style of a string thong with the roundness of the buttocks highlighted by delicate lace, you will love the Borsalino thong. The Girly halter-tonga focuses on the ultra sexy side of the back of the piece. Made with elasticated lacing, adjustable to your size, it highlights your bountiful buttocks superbly. The Borsalino tanga, on the other hand, chooses to enhance the birth of the buttocks. With a cut-out at the back in the shape of a teardrop that frames a small jewel, the top is refined and emphasises the curve. Depending on the collection, our models are available in different colours: black, red, pink, white, grey, there is a choice for every woman who chooses the pieces of the designer LUXXA. Dare to wear different shapes by wearing a closed, split, open or halter top tanga for romantic and glamorous moments !

Bold Thongs

The thong, a popular piece of lingerie for women, elegantly uncovers the buttocks and invites caresses. Very delicate and minimalist, it can be discreet under clothes. Made of high quality materials such as transparent tulle, lace and lycra, its finesse lies in the elements that adorn the fabrics. Embroidered lace bands, guipures, braids, stitched glass crystals, bows, jewels, laces, feathers, LUXXA has not limited its imagination to offer you exceptional and beautiful thongs. Our collections offer you several cuts to satisfy your needs in terms of sexy lingerie. You can choose the ideal closed thong to wear during the day. The slit shape allows you to make your intimacy available for sensual moments. For more provocation, the brand has created for you the open thong and the naked thong. Leaving the intimacy completely visible, these cuts promise wild carnal moments. In order to avoid marking the skin around the hips and to allow for a close fit, you can choose between different pieces. There are models with a lace band that sits delicately on the skin, models with a string that allows you to adjust the straps thanks to a sliding system and models with elastic straps that adapt to your morphology. Thongs are the perfect way to spice up your evening with a set of chic and chic and sexy lingerie thanks to our modular lines.

Delicate shorties

The shorty is a piece of sexy lingerie that is made to give volume to your hips. LUXXA has designed these pieces with the same respect for the exceptional quality of the materials. Made in France, in our workshops, they have been thought out in the smallest details to be pieces full of charm. Our shorties are essentially made of tulle, lace and lycra to hide intimacy. Adorned with refined finishing touches such as lace braids, ribbons and little satin bows, pretty floral motifs, glittering jewels, our shorty models will dress your hips to emphasize your delicious curves. And because we want all women who wear our sexy chic lingerie to be as comfortable as possible, different sizes are available on our different models. Combined with our full-cup bras, our closed shorties will enhance your figure. Are you planning a romantic evening? LUXXA suggests you match the open shorty with a half-cup or topless bra or even with a corsetry piece. Create the ensemble of your dreams by combining the different pieces of our modular collections !


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