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Sexy lingerie designed in France by LUXXA

Creator of sexy lingerie for more than 20 years, LUXXA offers its refined creations designed to meet the needs, desires and morphology of women as closely as possible. The brand wants to be constantly listening to its customers in order to guarantee the irreproachable quality of each piece of fine lingerie it offers. With a wide choice of sets, underwear and accessories for women, the brand accompanies their sensuality on every occasion. Each sensual model of LUXXA luxury lingerie is designed and made entirely in France thanks to the excellence of the know-how of the French corsetry craftsman. Through this essential commitment, LUXXA manifests its intention to be at the height of French haute couture fashion.

Wearing LUXXA lingerie pieces is an undeniable asset for women. Whether she wears a beautiful set, a bodysuit, a basque or any other piece of LUXXA lingerie, Madame will be won over by the quality of her chic and sexy underwear. At LUXXA, quality goes well beyond a choice of high-end materials. It also goes through the know-how of the craftsman in corsetry who draws, designs, chooses the fabric, its pattern, the ornaments and meticulously carries out the assembly in an artisanal way, in our workshops in France. And that's not all ! LUXXA quality also means comfort, well-being, pleasure and sensuality for all women who wear LUXXA high-end sexy lingerie. Let your femininity guide you towards the pleasure of high-end sexy underwear with Made in France quality from LUXXA.


Why entrust the choice of your sexy lace lingerie to LUXXA ?

Because every woman deserve to be beautiful and seductive and because wearing chic and sexy lingerie leads to greater self-confidence, LUXXA contributes, through its refined collections, to enhancing a woman's figure. The brand responds to all desires of seduction and wants to be at the service of femininity and sensuality by giving as much value to each woman. To achieve this, the lingerie pieces are made from high quality elastic materials that fit the woman's body perfectly, for her greatest pleasure. In addition, each bra, bodysuit and garter belt model is designed to fit the female body exactly thanks to the brand's patented clasps. Each shape is thus delicately enhanced and Ladies can express them sensuality.

Luxxa uses a patented system on the back of its bras. These are two adjustable straps that allow for an optimal fit of the bra. We have deployed this system on the majority of our models which leaves a margin of adjustment to the customer and ensures comfort, which for example would be between a size M and L.

Choosing to wear sexy LUXXA lingerie is a guarantee of satisfaction, happiness and voluptuousness. Offering chic LUXXA lingerie will be proof that you take a high level of interest in the needs and desires of the lucky lady. For a wide choice, and to lend itself to all occasions, LUXXA has designed each collection through three product lines. Chic and sexy underwear for daytime wear, fine nightwear and sexy boudoir accessories make up these seductive collections with carefully studied cuts.

What sexy lingerie pieces are in the LUXXA collections ?

Each LUXXA premium lingerie collection consists of three product lines. Whatever your needs, whether you want to enhance your cleavage, enhance your buttocks or dress up your hips, you will find your glamorous and sensual piece of lingerie at the heart of the LUXXA collections.

To make you feel sexy every day, the daytime lingerie range offers a variety of bras, balconnet, push-up, triangle, plunging, corbeille, ampli-form. Your breasts will be highlighted by the cut which will perfectly fit your shape, but also by the pattern of the fabric and the fine and refined lace which decorates the piece. In order to create an elegant set, you can match this bra with the panties, the thong, the shorty or the tanga, but also with the bustier, the bodysuit, the garter belt and the waistband.

Luxxa offers modular lingerie, it seems our items can be worn independently or together to form a personalized set. This system also allows a wider choice of size because customers can choose several sizes to form a set of lingerie. If, for example, she wears L in panties and 90B in bra, she can adapt it when ordering for a corset with full cups (corset in L and bra in M). Unlike our competitors who will offer a basque in S, M, L or XL.

Our sets are modular and allow you to dress your body according to your mood and to your outfit. Under tight dresses, the black bodysuit and the sheathing waistband will be perfect to refine your silhouette. Our night lingerie and sexy boudoir accessories ranges will invite Madame to reveal herself in order to highlight all her assets. Bras, bustiers, bodysuits and full-cup basques are replaced by half-breasted or topless styles for even more charm. Concealed under negligees and transparent tulle nighties, open thongs and topless bras are sure to make a sensual statement! Accessorized with LUXXA ornaments, you will be sublime and irresistible in your sexy top-of-the-range lingerie set.

Why does LUXXA entrust femininity to the French corsetry craftsman ?

LUXXA is a brand of top French lingerie which, as such, has made a commitment to 100% Made in France. From the choice of raw materials to the design and manufacture of chic and sexy lingerie, LUXXA chooses French haute couture quality. To achieve this, the brand has surrounded itself with French corsetry craftsmen, true fashion artists. Thus, each piece that makes up a collection of fine lingerie is designed, thought out in minute detail, tested and made almost exclusively by hand.

Expert seamstresses in the making of refined lingerie, meticulously lay out each lacing, jewel, lace and ribbon by hand. The fabrics chosen to design our seductive lingerie are customized for the brand and inspire the collections with their weaving, pattern, embroidery or elasticity. The corsetry craftsman is a professional designer. He thinks of each piece, from the panties, to the bodysuit, to the garter, to the black waistband, in order to create sexy lingerie that perfectly fits a woman's morphology. The diversity of the lingerie pieces allows the woman to create her favourite sensual set, transparent or not, which will sublimate her body and her chest. Each cut, each shape is studied to magnify the female body. He plays with fabrics and raw materials, which he favours from French sources such as lace, and ensures their traceability. All these skills of the corsetry craftsman guarantee an exceptional quality to your LUXXA charm purchase.

At LUXXA, we listen our customers' needs and desires when it comes to buying chic and sexy lingerie. Do you want to buy a set of lingerie for yourself ? Our online lingerie shop is designed to help and guide you. Each piece created and sold by LUXXA is presented through photos showing the glamorous piece from all angles.

necessary information to make your choice of chic and sexy lingerie. In order to accompany you perfectly in your choice of top-of-the lingerie. Under each product you will find a size guide, a shape guide, a care guide and a guide to the materials and trimmings used in our fine lingerie.

Don't know how to match the piece you've spotted? All our lingerie pieces are modular, so you can match the piece of your choice as closely as you like. There are an infinite number of possible seductive combinations to satisfy you fully. Do you want to offer a set of sexy LUXXA lingerie ? We advise you, before any purchase, to discretely determine the tastes and/or desires in terms of fine lingerie of the lucky one and to know the sizes of underwear worn. Once you have this information, you can choose the pieces to offer by following our size and shape guides. And why not choose together to sharpen the senses ? The set of your choice will be delicately placed in a case like a jewel ready to be offered.