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For more than twenty years, our brand has put its know-how at the service of women's bodies. We develop lingerie that is refined, sexy and comfortable, to accompany you at any time of the day... and night. Discover our top-of-the-range lingerie and our topless bra collections!

Luxxa, French sexy lingerie brand

At Luxxa, we choose to be 100% French. This means that every step of the manufacturing process of your lingerie, from its conception to the application of the final touches, is located in France. We are committed to maintaining this proximity to the majority of our customers, and that unmistakable French elegance. All our bra ranges are designed, manufactured and tested close to you.

Lace, tulle, crystals: attention to every detail of your bra

The choice of materials for the creation of a bra is essential. It is essential to select the material that best suits the design of the bra, in the first instance: choice of support foams , underwiring, choice of lace, patterns for the gussets... Every detail of the bra is reviewed for a quality result with an impeccable design. Our bras are handmade, and the pieces are assembled patiently and carefully.

Our second objective is you. In order to ensure that you and your bra meet, and to guarantee optimal comfort without compromising on appearance, our catalogue offers you each model in a maximum of possible cup sizes . We also work with materials such as lycra, soft foam and elastic so that the bra adapts to your body shape without leaving marks on the skin or feeling uncomfortable.

Original designs for fearsome topless bras

Our brand is dedicated to offering you bold bra designs that are both elegant and sexy to spice up your encounters as you wish. To do this, we offer a variety of collections, with different patterns and colours to appeal to all tastes. Red, grey, white and black are our colours of choice to elegantly reveal the femininity of your figure.

Our Cachou model, for example, is available in black and white: each strap is adjustable to fit your body perfectly, and its neckline made of delicate cotton guipure feathers subtly reveals your breasts with every movement.

This diversity of designs is accompanied by collections that can be adapted to your wishes: combine these topless bras with our bustier bras, bodysuits and thongs for a maximum sexy effect.

Small, generous or reshaped breasts: which topless bra for me?

Every figure, and every breast, deserves a bra to suit it. While some models are real chameleons and enhance all types of breasts, you may want to target your sexy bra more according to the effect you are looking for. We suggest a few ideas!

A topless bra for small breasts

Smaller breasts have the advantage of being enhanced by a variety of bra cuts and shapes: triangle, push-up, basket... You can afford anything.

When it comes to topless bras, this rule remains: as long as the size of the bra is adapted to your morphology, you won't have any problems. You can choose a model without any underwiring like our Borsalino, for example: its fine and delicate straps are associated with black lace, which emphasizes your forms by joining at the crotch. The ensemble emphasizes your chest and reveals all its curves.

If you prefer a more playful model, with a play of transparency, we suggest our original Idylle design: its hybrid shape, halfway between a bra and a harness, can be worn in different ways, according to your desires. Its black lace flowers delightfully conceal the tips of the breasts and let the skin show through. The blue rhinestones that enhance the ensemble add an extra sexy touch.

Generous, reshaped breasts: which bra is sexy?

The advantage of topless bras is their versatility: they are more easily adapted to different types of breasts. However, if you want to ensure a minimum of support for your generous breasts, for example, we recommend models such as the Capeline, whose elasticated laces replace the shell to let your breasts show through while providing comfortable support.

You may also like our Lurex Forbidden Games topless bra: without underwiring, it hugs all your shapes with its elastic straps and adjustable laces to fit your skin: the lace that makes up the cup reveals while concealing your chest. Our final touch: the front fastening.

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Cabaret Topless Bra by Luxxa - Sexy and Adjustable Cabaret Topless Bra by Luxxa - Seductive Bare Lace-Up
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CABARET Lace-up topless bra


Dazzling Charisma with Sparkling Details The neckline of the Cabaret Topless Bra is embellished with six crystal rhinestones, adding a sparkling glow to this already seductive...

Sexy bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Red topless bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR topless bustier


The alliance of sensuality and elegance The Élixir bustier features a plastron composed of two pieces of red lace, concealing a transparent tulle yoke at their center. This...

Red ruffled harness Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Nude ruffled harness bra Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR topless harness bra with veils


Adjustable lingerie: Between comfort and seduction The topless harness bra fastens at the back of the neck, as well as at two other points on the back. These adjustable straps,...

Red ruffled bustier and harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Sexy bustier set with transparent ruffles Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET
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ÉLIXIR Topless bustier and harness


Demi-cup bra with nipple reveal The Élixir demi-cup bra is designed with a one-piece foam that provides breast support while exposing the nipples. The lace center panel, lined...


IDYLLE Harness bra


Harness bra without underwire A true chameleon of seduction, the Idylle harness bra can be worn in a variety of ways to suit all your desires. Entirely made of openwork lace,...

GUIMAUVE Topless bra


Elasticated topless bra The Guimauve triangle bra has been designed without underwiring and is hollowed out to leave only a clean outline that frames the bust with its straight...

Sahba topless lace bra
  • SEXY

SAHBA Harness topless bra


Lace topless bra A sensual lingerie accessory, the Sahba topless bra highlights your most beautiful assets. Designed like a harness, this sexy bra caresses the top of the...

GIRLY Topless lace-up bra


Lingerie accessory with lacings Focus all of his attention on your breasts by adorning them with the Girly line topless bra. A lingerie piece with exceptional details, this...



Front opening bra Comfortable daytime lingerie and a piece of seduction, the Jeux Interdits Lurex bra adapts to Madame's shape as much as to her desires. Triangle cut without...

CACHOU topless bra with feathers


Wireless bra. Succumb to the irresistible charm of the feathered cage bra from the ephemeral Cachou line. Designed as a real seduction accessory, this naked bra squares off...

Nude cleavage bra Capeline by Luxxa Lingerie High rise bra Capeline by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

CAPELINE topless bra


Erotic bra The bare-breasted bra from the Capeline line was created with one aim in mind: to highlight the bewitching feminine cleavage. This seductive bra emphasises the...

CAPELINE topless lace-up bra


Open bra Exceptional model, the topless lace bra from the Capeline line, is an unequalled charming accessory! This bare-breasted bra is an ingenious combination of technical...

RÉGLISSE Topless bra


Bare breasted bra. With its interplay of black lines and curves, the Réglisse bare breast bra is a charming accessory without equal. Designed by Luxxa to dress all women, this...

  • SEXY

BALANCE topless bra


Topless bra from the Balance line by Luxxa This lace topless bra is a lingerie item combining elegance and hot eroticism, completely handmade, from cutting to packaging....

CHAPKA topless bra harness


Topless bra harness from the Chapka line The topless harness is made from elastic straps in gray guipure, embracing the chest.  Two adjustable elastic straps hang on the swell...