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Front opening bra Comfortable daytime lingerie and a piece of seduction, the Jeux Interdits Lurex bra adapts to Madame's shape as much as to her desires. Triangle cut without...



G-string with indented straps Graphic and sensual are the key words of the Lurex Jeux Interdits string. A unique piece with flattering lines, this cut-out thong frames the...

Jeux Interdits black transparent body by Luxxa Lingerie Jeux Interdits long sleeves bodysuit by Luxxa Lingerie



Long sleeve bodysuit Play the chic seduction card with the Jeux Interdits tulle body. With a single seam at the back, it is made of bi-stretch tulle in matt black. The...

Jeux Interdits bondage bodysuit by Luxxa Lingerie Jeux Interdits harness body by Luxxa Lingerie
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JEUX INTERDITS Lurex harness body


Body with adjustable straps An exceptional piece with BDSM accents, the Jeux Interdits harness bodysuit will be your favourite play accessory. Entirely made of wide, supple...

JEUX INTERDITS nipple covers


Leatherette nipple covers Play the dominatrix by wearing the nipple covers of the ephemeral Jeux Interdits line. Designed in black imitation leather, these nippies cover the...

Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS : Sensuality lingerie - Luxxa Lingerie Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS - Luxxa Lingerie
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Bodysuit harness and tulle JEUX INTERDITS


Tulle Body: Transparency and Timeless Elegance The Tulle Body from Jeux Interdits offers an unparalleled sensory experience. Designed with matte black bi-stretch tulle, it...

Bodysuit and bra JEUX INTERDITS : Seduction and comfort- Luxxa Lingerie
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Bodysuit and bra JEUX INTERDITS


Body Harnais: A BDSM Pleasure Accessory The Jeux Interdits Harness Body is more than just clothing; it's a captivating play accessory. Composed of wide Lurex straps, this...

Glue for nippies


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free skin glue An essential product that will help you perfect your day or evening outfit, Juzo skin glue offers a versatile formula that adapts to...

Lingerie perfume by LUXXA


Fresh lingerie fragrance An invitation to sensual pleasure, the lingerie perfume by Luxxa is for all lovers of beautiful high-end lingerie, which they wear like skin jewels....