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Discover the Luxxa necklaces, ideal for embellishing a sexy bra or for a more sensual and refined touch to a dress. Adopt the elegance of Luxxa lingerie necklaces made in France.

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Kepi jewelry pendant harness necklace Képi adjustable harness collar

KÉPI harness collar


Képi harness necklace from Luxxa  The Luxxa workshop suggests the wonderful Képi harness necklace as accessory to the full-cup, demi-cup bras and bustier of the line,...

KÉPI choker necklace


Lingerie accessory made in France Luxxawants to dress the body in lace and jewels down to the tiniest details, by using the accessories of the Képi line. The Képi lace collar...

BORSALINO pendant necklace


Borsalino pendant necklace The Borsalino pendant necklace is a lingerie jewel ideal for the combination with your lingerie and evening outfits.It surrounds the neck in floral...


CHAPKA pendant necklace


Chapka choker necklace from Luxxa Enhance your head posture elegantly with choker necklace in the Chapka line. More than just a lingerie accessory, it will dress your seductive...

BALANCE choker necklace


Seductive choker The Balance necklace is an accessory you can combine with a Balance lingerie outfit or even with an evening outfit, for a touch of elegance. For the most...



Lace choker necklace. A real jewel made of lace, the choker necklace Réglisse was created by Luxxa to dress up your neck and spice up your outfits. Made of a large band of...

CAPELINE choker collar


Lace collar A delicate detail of your charming outfit, the choker collar from the Capeline line highlights your head wear. Composed of a piece of fine lace with a baroque...

Girly white guipure choker by Luxxa Lingerie Girly guipure choker necklace by Luxxa Lingerie

GIRLY Choker necklace


White lace choker A beautiful outfit is only complete with matching accessories. This saying also applies to your high-end lingerie set, which is why Luxxa created the Girly...

NOUGAT Choker necklace


Elastic lace choker necklace What would a seductive outfit be without accessories to complete it? Imagined as the essential detail to a Nougat ensemble, the choker attracts...