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Discover Élixir, the lingerie line that embodies sensuality and elegance, offering a collection of refined pieces with irresistible details. With its passionate red hue, Élixir captures the bold, sensual spirit of modern lingerie. Each piece in the collection is carefully crafted using quality materials, incorporating the latest trends in lingerie.

Adjustable parts for your comfort

The bras and sets in the Élixir line feature adjustable elastic straps, allowing you to adjust the size for optimum comfort. Gold wedding band accessories and jewelry add a touch of luxury and sophistication, enhancing the sensual aesthetic of each piece.

The Élixir line offers adjustable pieces that adapt perfectly to your morphology, guaranteeing a personalized fit. Whether you opt for a full-cup bra, a half-cup bra, or a topless bustier, each piece is designed to flatter your curves in a seductive way.

A sexy and sensual lingerie to modulate

Sheer flounces are a key element of the Élixir line, adding a touch of lightness and femininity to each piece. Decorative scalloped guipure is also ubiquitous in this collection, creating refined details that enhance the charm of each creation. These on-trend elements add a romantic, sensual aesthetic to Élixir lingerie.

This range features original shapes and modulable pieces, allowing you to create a variety of looks to suit your style and mood. Explore daring options like the topless bustier, the flounced topless bra, the open-back tanga, or the veiled thong. Express your individuality by combining different pieces for unique sets.

The Élixir line highlights comfort as an essential element of every piece of lingerie. Each creation is designed to offer optimal comfort, allowing you to feel at ease while being sensual and seductive.

A range of lingerie to accessorize

The Élixir range also includes a selection of carefully chosen accessories to complement your sets. From garters to nipple covers and other elegant details, these accessories add the finishing touch to your outfit, creating a harmonious and sophisticated set.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Élixir line and let yourself be seduced by lingerie that combines sensuality, comfort, and style. Explore adjustable pieces, sheer flounces, and scalloped guipure while expressing your individuality with original shapes and modulable pieces. Take advantage of this modular lingerie range to create unique, personalized ensembles that reflect your femininity and self-confidence.

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Harness bodysuit and suspender belt set with ruffles Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Red nude body and suspender belt set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR nude harness bodysuit and garter belt


Naked harness bodysuit adorned with embroidered guipure The Élixir naked harness bodysuit is designed to leave your intimacy uncovered, delicately contoured with red...

Half-boob bra and ruffled harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Modular open bra and sexy red harness set Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SET
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR half-cup bra and flounced harness


Demi-cup bra with nipple reveal The Élixir demi-cup bra is designed with a one-piece foam that provides breast support while leaving the nipples exposed. The lace center panel,...

ÉLIXIR triangle nipple covers


Easy, comfortable application Applying Élixir breast covers is simple and practical. They can be securely attached to your breasts using the hypoallergenic glue sold...

ÉLIXIR bracelet


A seductive accessory on the cutting edge of fashion This Élixir bracelet is adorned with red embroidered spiked guipure, adding a sensual, bewitching touch to your look. The...

ELIXIR chain garter


A trendy accessory for an irresistible look The Élixir garter is the perfect accessory for creating a sensual, seductive look. Its design in red embroidered spiked guipure fits...

ÉLIXIR choker necklace with chain


Perfect fit and seductive detail This choker features a double shoulder strap at the back, which comes together with a hook-and-eye closure. This design allows for a customized...

Élixir red suspender belt by Luxxa Lingerie Red ruffled suspender belt Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie

ÉLIXIR flounced garter belt


Perfect fit and unique style At the front, this garter belt features an adjustable strap, allowing you to perfectly adjust its position on your hips. Gold-alloy hardware adds a...

Red adjustable nude bodysuit Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Nude body harness with ruffles Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR nude harness bodysuit with flounces


A play of flounces and transparency The bosom is subtly concealed beneath sheer tulle flounces, accented by the bewitching presence of red embroidered guipure. The combination...

ÉLIXIR Open-tanga with split back


Luxurious comfort: Adjustable straps and gold wedding band accessories The straps of the Élixir open tanga are adjustable, allowing you to wear it according to your...



A comfortable and elegant red tanga On the front of the tanga, a magnificent reminder of embroidered guipure adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. This delicate lace...

Sexy ruffled nude thong Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Red ruffled nude thong Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR nude thong with flounce


Customized settings for optimum comfort To ensure a perfect fit, the thong adjusts at the back, hips, and lower buttock. This feature allows you to adjust the length of the...

ÉLIXIR flounced thong


A versatile and adjustable sexy thong This Élixir thong is carefully designed to enhance your feminine curves. The sheer voile covering is delicately overlaid with embroidered...

Sexy bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Red topless bustier Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR topless bustier


The alliance of sensuality and elegance The Élixir bustier features a plastron composed of two pieces of red lace, concealing a transparent tulle yoke at their center. This...

Red ruffled harness Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie Nude ruffled harness bra Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie
  • SEXY

ÉLIXIR topless harness bra with veils


Adjustable lingerie: Between comfort and seduction The topless harness bra fastens at the back of the neck, as well as at two other points on the back. These adjustable straps,...

Élixir red open bra by Luxxa Lingerie Red lace open bra Élixir by Luxxa Lingerie

ÉLIXIR half-cup bra


Fully Tested Comfort The lace-lined lace crotch offers optimal all-day comfort. This combination of soft, breathable materials ensures a pleasant feel on the skin, keeping you...