Square nipple covers Réglisse by Luxxa Lingerie

RÉGLISSE Square nipple covers

Charm accessory.


Sensual lingerie collection, the Réglisse line offers sumptuous, sexy and top-of-the-range pieces, made in France in Luxxa's workshops.

To complete the selection of evening lingerie, the accessories of the Réglisse line decorate your skin with lace and black satin.

Square shaped, covered with satin Lycra and festooned with floral black guipure, the Réglisse nipple covers are washable and reusable as much as you need.

Apply to the nipples with a special glue, wash with warm water and dry carefully after each use for optimal nippies lifetime.


Lace nipple covers.

As an ultra-feminine accessory, the Réglisse nipple covers awaken the pin-up in you.

With their geometric shape, you have the possibility to position the nippies in different ways on the tip of your breasts.

Square, rhombus, symmetrical or not, it's up to you to play with the shapes to innovate your charming outfits for every occasion.

Composed of satin black Lycra and scalloped with floral black guipure, these lace nipple covers play with textures to awaken the senses at their touch. Small and discreet, these sexy nipple covers are easy to carry and slip on anywhere.

Sexy nippies.

Versatile and smooth, the nippies can be worn during the daytime, to hide the tips of the breasts under a tight garment without having to wear a bra. At night, Réglisse nipple covers become a sexy accessory that will quickly become indispensable. Combine them with a topless bra and open string set from the Réglisse line for a sensational burlesque style.

Applied to your skin with a special glue, the nipple covers are reusable and washable with warm soapy water. Then leave them to dry flat before using the nippies again.

Data sheet

80% Polyamide-20% Elastane
Hand wash at 30 ° 0% shrinkage
Materials & Provenances
Assembly supplies (France)
Foam thread (Romania)
Guipure (Italy)
Lycra (Italy)

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