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KÉPI split tanga


Erotic underwear split over the private parts, Képi split tanga Luxxa offers the sweetest invitation to eroticism, with the Képi split tanga.  This is a lingerie bottom...

Kepi jewelry pendant harness necklace Képi adjustable harness collar

KÉPI harness collar


Képi harness necklace from Luxxa  The Luxxa workshop suggests the wonderful Képi harness necklace as accessory to the full-cup, demi-cup bras and bustier of the line,...

KÉPI shorty


Képi lace shorty from the Luxxa lingerie brand The Képi lace shorty from Luxxa is a superb item of lingerie made by hand in France. This wonderful lingerie item is made from a...

KÉPI closed tanga


Handmade luxury lingerie The Képi tanga is an alluring item of lingerie, which highlights the intimate parts without concealing them, with the help of see-though sensual...

KÉPI naked jewelry string


Képi sexy naked string from Luxxa Luxxa offers lingerie of erotic charm, highlighting your private parts with the greatest sensuality! Discover the Képi sexy naked string......

KÉPI split string


Lingerie bottoms with jewels  The Képi open string is an innovative design partially revealing the private parts of ladies according to their posture. The private parts are...

KÉPI closed string


Transparent sexy lingerie bottoms The Képi closed string make a daring lingerie item surrounding the private parts in see-through tulle, for a sensual hint at the genitals....

Sexy Kepi pendant bra Naked bra Képi harness

KÉPI topless bra harness


Képi topless bra in the Chapeau Mesdames collection Luxxa offers to highlight your chest with perfect sensuality with the Képi topless bra! It is a harness type bra, putting...

KÉPI garter


Képi lace garter from Luxxa The Luxxa workshop offers a lace garter for the most detailed accessorizing of your lingerie set, in order to make a surprise to your partner. A...